There’s no denying it: picking out a colour (or colour scheme, or theme) when heading to the nail salon is always a tough decision.

And whilst we’re undoubtedly skipping to the nail salon now that they’ve finally re-opened again, we’ve put together a list of nail inspiration to make that decision a little bit easier for you.

This summer, it’s all about ombre shades, creative expressions and small details. Multi-coloured nails are a huge trend this year, but it comes with its manual of creativity – go short or go pointy. We put together 10 stunning nail details you might want to check out, the best way to try out summer’s hottest trend.

See you at the salon — or, if you’re a newly self-proclaimed nail artist now, see you at home.

Tom Bachik Instagram

An explosion of matte pastel colours

Celebrity manicurist to stars like J.Lo, Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez, Tom Bachik has redefined spring with his version of pastels – these matte colours are just right way to kick off summer.

Bettina Goldstein Instagram

Multi-colour stripes

The pride manicure as it’s called is an instant mood-lifter. The colours jump out, but the best part is the subtle spaces, and this is created with Essie nail paints – we love.

Eve Betts Beauty Instagram

Sunset hues = ombre shades

Sunset colours are very popular in the summer, and we are love how this salon in Wales has got the right ombre effect with the colours. Side tip: Keep your nails short for this.

Mamta Mody Instagram / Shop Lune

Subtle shine for summer

Elle’s Beauty Editor, Mamta Mody, sure knows how to make shimmer work for her. With Shop Lune’s jewellery, she made sure this subtle shine on the tips is a good way to make summer look, enchanting.

Brittany Xavier Instagram

Neon tips

Our favourite blogger Brittany Xavier knows how to keep it fun with just the tip of her nail in bright neon. This is an interesting way to wear neon if you hate bright nails.

Maad Nails Instagram

Clear nails

If there’s one trend you must sport this summer it’s the clear nails trend. It’s fast catching up. Transparent nails coated in clear and see-through colours is Instagram gold.

Jessica Washick Instagram

Matte version of clear nails

Another great way to wear clear nails to make them matte. Clearly, it’s a new trend in the making, but we love how the blues and greens accentuate the nails.

Mat Decoste Instagram

Nude trail

An array of nudes is perfect for those who hate colour and love simplicity. Done by Gel Care, Montreal for Mat Decoste.

Lauren Ladnier Instagram

The mosaic look

The freewheeling multi-coloured mosaic watercolour look takes a lot of time but is known to give you picture-perfect nails for the ‘gram.

Bettina Goldstein Instagram


The double-coloured half-moon manicure is every bit sensational. The colour choices are easy and require acute attention to detail. Another simple way to add bright colours (these are from Chanel) to your manicure Mondays.

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