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Weekend muse: how do we feel about men wearing nail polish? 

Let us sum it up for you right here before you read on: we ship it. 

If you’ve been noticing a trend that brings together Harry Styles and Chiara Ferragni’s husband Fedez, Anwar Hadid, Ansel Elgort, and ASAP Rocky, you will know all about this. Men wearing nail polish is kind of having a moment this year. Celine sent male models down the runway in nail polish, and influenced by lockdown or not, we’ve even seen the rise in popularity of whole Instagram accounts dedicated to the trend (@boysinpolish). 

[Hero Image Credit: Analia Baggiano/Unsplash]

Yet whilst arguably Harry Styles could wear just about anything and make it look cool, nail polish on men seems to be more than just a random fad reserved for musicians and the fashion industry.

Of course, it isn’t exactly a new invention. Think of some of the super famous: all David Bowie, Dennis Rodman, and Steven Tyler have worn nail polish in the past. It’s not really something entirely sporadic; and yet we’re noticing that you don’t exactly have to be a rock- or NBA star to flaunt a manicure as of late. In a trend that leans towards challenging classic gender norms in fashion and redefining what it means to be genderless in fashion, we’re seeing it as a really exciting movement.

After all, it’s no secret (especially in our circles) that men wear makeup. A beauty routine is not reserved for women only, or even restricted to a particular gender. Some of our favourite male celebrities and influencers can be seen flaunting foundation and lip balm on the regular, and whilst nail polish is perhaps a little step beyond this, we’re all for the colourful means of self expression and personal style.

Here, we’ve collected a little inspo for male polish looks. Take a look below, and let us know what you think.

Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles, both avid nail polish wearers

We actually can’t get enough of this duo. Here they are at the last Met Gala, the “Last Time I Met The Met,” in the words of Michele.

Colourful nail polish combined with a stern look, as on @pinkyperzelle

It looks a little like a vibrant tie-dye pattern, which pairs nicely with this blue coffee cup.

Paired with diamonds and pearls, as on ASAP Rocky

We haven’t spotted pearl rings on a man very often, and now we’re wondering why.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez holding hands, and it being hard to tell who is who

Are these #CoupleGoals?

A bit of length to the nail, spotted on @assignedfailureatbirth

This elongates the fingers for a slim and sleek look.

Graphic designer @christianlove demonstrating the nails-beard-serious-eyes pose

Nail polish on a pensive man.

A vibrant take on cow print

When you can’t decide on one colour, just go for them all — and then mix it up with a pattern.

And another one of Harry Styles, for your weekend.

This felt necessary.

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