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Salons are re-opening: where to get a bikini wax in Bangkok

Welcome back to the smoother side of life. Here’s where to get a bikini wax in Bangkok as beauty salons finally re-open.

Whilst the dine-in ban being lifted definitely caused much furore (and controversy), beauty salons re-opening have brought a strange sense of relief.

Finally, after months of growing out your tresses, you can get a haircut or a blowout. You can get your nails done. You can get the foot massage you so missed during all these months. You can also (finally) get a bikini wax.

Whilst facial treatments are still not permitted, waxing other body parts is allowed as of 1 September. Whilst many of us tried our hand at home hair removal (some even with success), it’s likely that the vast majority is looking forward to letting the professionals get back to it. Things were getting a little tropical.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best places to get a bikini (or downright Brazilian) wax in Bangkok, as beauty salons get to re-open again. You will need to make an appointment before going, and keep safety measures in mind. Then, it’s all smooth-sailing from there. Read on for the place that may best suit your budget or location, and enjoy your new ‘do.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Mathilde Langevin/Unsplash]


The most famous and fancy on our list, Strip: Ministry of Waxing is an international waxing boutique chain, with various outlets around the world (and 3 in Bangkok alone). Known for relatively painless treatments, they use a specialty wax (we’ve experienced a chocolate wax) with proven techniques that are designed to minimise discomfort. They also offer IPL services and a ‘Rosebud Vajuvenation’ for those looking for an extra pampering. Post-treatment, they also sell a range of post-waxing care products.

Locations: Siam Discovery, Central Embassy, and Emquartier
Pricing: THB 700 for a bikini wax, and THB 1800 for a Brazilian wax. Additional THB 350 for fun ‘shapes.’

N.B. At the time of writing, only the Central Embassy branch is open for service.

[Image Credit: Strip Thailand]

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We like the idea of going to a bar to wax, and The Waxing Bar definitely has that relaxing aura about it. They use Australian Lycon Wax for their treatments, which is a favourite for models and celebrities alike. Keep an eye out for special promotions and packages here, as well as tailored offerings like the specialty ‘Mommy Waxing’ for mothers-to-be.

Location: Phloenchit
Pricing: THB 1500 for a bikini wax, and THB 1800 for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax.

[Image Credit: The Waxing Bar]

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Bare Hare looks almost too cute to be a place for waxing, and indeed, they offer a lot more than just the regular bikini wax. You could spend the whole day here, as they also do microblading, eyeliner tattoos, colour lip tattoos, and lash lifting. We’re not sure if any of the facial treatments are available for the time being, but they also use Lycon wax if you’re here for just the body waxing.

Locations: Central Ladprao and Ekammai Shopping Mall
Pricing: THB 1150 for a bikini wax, and THB 1450 for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax.

[Image Credit: Bare Hare Brows Wax Lash]

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Wax On Studio gets it. If you too like to wear high cut bikinis on your beach trips, a bikini wax may be what you need before going. Taking this kind of waxing to a new level of creativity, Wax On Studio provides a range of interesting side options: you can get a “butterfly” for THB 1500 (we’re not sure what this is so please let us know when you go), or add-ons like snail trail waxing, inner thigh waxing, and upper leg waxing at a small additional cost (THB 100-400).

Location: Phrompong
Pricing: THB 1000 for a bikini wax, and THB 1600 for a Hollywood wax.

[Image Credit: Wax On Studio]

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Like most of the other places on our list, La Nature Bangkok services both men and women with wax treatments, and is a local favourite for its budget-friendly menu and clean procedure. Admittedly a little less snazzy and show-y than some of the boutique salons, cleanliness is nevertheless the name of the game here, and proves why La Nature comes highly recommended especially from expats residing here for a long time. Fuss-free and reliable.

Location: Silom
Pricing: THB 700 for a bikini wax, and THB 1000 for a Brazilian or Hollywood wax.

[Image Credit: Pexels/Pixabay]

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If going out isn’t written in your stars just yet, keep it old-school and get a wax at home. Especially during the lockdown period, Koi Chotika Waxing was an extremely popular option, which allowed waxees to invite a professional waxer for a treatment at home. Very price-friendly and very friendly in person, Koi Chotika is somewhat a Bangkok waxing legend, and has a long list of happy customers that will verify. Some even call Koi Chotika for a wax treatment in their hotel room for impromptu waxing emergencies on staycation.

Pricing: THB 700 for a bikini wax, and THB 800 for a Brazilian wax.

[Image Credit: The Creative Exchange/Unsplash]

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