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5 Thai anti-ageing skincare essentials that actually work

In need of anti-ageing skincare? We feel you. As the years add up, our collagen production begins to plunge and our skin loses elasticity. Pollution also has a bigger impact on our skin than we think. Harmful free radicals can accelerate the ageing process, and eventually leaving us with the premature fine lines. As the old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ goes, it’s never too early to start an anti-ageing skincare routine. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of Thai organic products that will actually protect your skin from external damages and undesirable wrinkles. Rejuvenate and restore youthful facial skin with these top choices.

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Erb Seven pollen Face Serum

Erb is best known for its seven pollen, a precious blend of Thai floral ingredients, which helps improve your skin’s vitality and resilience. And you guessed it — this special Erb Seven pollen Face Serum (THB 3,350) is packed with these effective herbal extracts. Infused with high antioxidants of turmeric and germinated rice, this serum also fights annoying wrinkles, fend off your dullness and stimulate collagen production, leaving your skin all healthy and youthful.


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THANN Age Inversion Face Cream

If you prefer a cream texture, consider adding this THANN Age Inversion Face Cream (THB 1,500) to your skincare routine. This moisturising cream will restore and revitalise your skin with its skin-soothing agents such as hydrolyse rice, soybeen protein and black tea’s fermentation. Enriched with antioxidant and antihistamine extracts, this skincare got all the essential properties that will leave you with a firm and flawless skin look.


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Pañpuri Lotus Defense Intensive Eye Treatment

Without any oil glands, the eye area is probably the most sensitive and delicate part of your face, which is why a proper eye treatment is key. To prevent all signs of ageing and fatigue, try this Pañpuri Lotus Defense Intensive Eye Treatment (THB 1,450). The eye treatment is soaked with black pomegranate and lotus extracts that will minimise the appearances of dark circles and puffiness. The gentle formula is also infused with vitamin E that will fight off free radicals, which are the main cause of premature wrinkles.


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Harnn Water Lily Facial Massage Oil

Level up your facial skincare routine by applying Harnn Water Lily Facial Massage Oil (THB 1,450), a super-effective way to treat your skin with vital antioxidants and organic extracts. This essential oil will maximise your skin’s moisture retention with its nourishing blend of sweet almond, fresh avocado, argan essence and rice bran. A keen anti-ager, this massage oil will not only significantly minimise your skin imperfections but also get rid of those annoying fine lines.

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Dii Time Reversal Sunscreen

Divana has just released this Dii Time Reversal Sunscreen (THB1,800), which protects your skin from harmful UV rays that could potentially result in signs of ageing. Refined with natural botanical extracts of knotgrass, this sunscreen will improve your skin’s complexion as well as recovering the elastin in your skin. The red algae supplements will also moisturise and brighten up your skin, giving you a natural radiance.

5 Thai anti-ageing skincare essentials that actually work

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