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5 YSL Beauté products you need for a flawless day-to-night look

We modern girls are hustling all day and all night, right? From that morning meeting to evening drinks with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, it’s non-stop, hands-on action. But there’s one problem: running around from place to place leaves little time to go through more than one makeup ritual per day. So what happens when we need a flawless look that will take us through from morning til midnight?

We turned to experts at YSL Beauté who introduced to us their new ‘All Hours’ collection, as well as some killer makeup products that will suit both day and night occasions. When looking for a makeup kit that will give the best day-to-night look, you’re not only looking for the right shades and textures that will work for both settings — you’re also looking for long-lasting products that won’t smudge or wear off. Balancing looks and function? It definitely sounds like tricky business. But using just these 5 makeup products from YSL Beauté, we realised that this trick isn’t so difficult after all. Here are the essential products you need for that flawless day-to-night look.

[All images courtesy of YSL Beauté]

1. YSL Beauté All Hours Compact Cushion Foundation

This new compact cushion from YSL Beauté should be your new handbag staple. It’s an all-in-one wonder, with a super moist spongey cushion that ensures even and full coverage while also incorporating hydrating minerals and SPF. Just a single layer will cover most blemishes and even out skin tone. It’s also incredibly long-lasting, with a mattifying effect that ensures no overly shiny faces at any point during the day.


THB 2500.

2. YSL Beauté setting powder

For extra sealing power, lock your foundation with this super sturdy setting powder. It comes in two shades, but the pearlescent version also gives your face a brightened yet still matte complexion that looks refreshing by day and dazzling by night. It’s a fantastic oil controller and can protect your makeup from the various toils of Bangkok’s changeable weather, from rain to pollution.


THB 2600.

3. YSL Beauté Couture Eyeliner Vinyl

Combining the ease of a gel liner, the long-lasting texture of a liquid liner, and the smudge-resistance of, well, a permanent pen – YSL’s Couture Eyeliner is an easy, one-application-needed type of tool. You can create lots of different looks with the pointed precision brush and the ultra-shiny vinyl look will make your eyes glimmer all day and all night.


THB 1350.

4. YSL Beauté Faux Cils the Curler Mascara

Shaped perfectly to evenly lift the curve of your eyelashes, this spectacular elastic comb mascara gives the same effect as a curler while colouring and thickening your lashes. The bi-material brush is designed to avoid getting those annoying clumps, and it’s enriched with coconut and argan oils to help smooth out the textures and keep your lashes from drying out during long wear. All of this, and it’s super resistant to smudges too. A perfect 24h lash companion.


THB 1450.

5. YSL Beauté Vernis aq Lèvres Pop Water Lipstick

If you’re going to be carrying around only one lipstick for the whole 24 hours, how do you choose which type to bring? A gloss? A stain? A matte? The simple solution is to have it all in one. The Pop Water lipstick is possibly the closest thing to magic, since its transluscent aquatic texture allows you to create any type of texture you want. When applied, the texture breaks into tiny watery droplets for a refreshing sensation and a consistency that’s both sheer and intense. It’s got a 10h hydration effect, so its watery brilliance makes sure to keep your lips soft, smooth, and on-point all day.


THB 1500.

All available at YSL Beauté counters and www.yslbeautyth.com

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