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9 beauty blenders that will switch up your makeup game

Forget regular sponges. Beauty blenders are a beauty staple that every makeup aficionado should have in their kit.

The latex-free egg-shaped sponge was a revolutionary beauty tool when it first came about. It’s no secret that beauty blenders have changed the way we use makeup. It made a lot of our traditional makeup brushes obsolete, and essentially pushed us to understand what it takes to achieve a flawless skin look.

So, let’s start with the basics. What is a Beauty Blender exactly? It’s a teardrop-shaped or beveled egg-shaped makeup sponge, rounded perfectly with a pointed edge, curated for us to blend makeup products more precisely. The beauty blender can be used with anything and everything in your makeup kit: foundation, BB cream, concealer, blush, you name it. But there’s one rule: you have to bounce it. Scrapping is not the way it works.

Beauty Blender’s brand founders, Hollywood makeup artists Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz, decided to take it up a notch by eradicating the regular makeup sponges by cutting the edges, so that applying foundation could become easier — and it did. Now, there was no need to blend away as many lines and streaks caused by the edge of the foundation. Soon, this edgeless makeup sponge was out in the world and it was a game-changer for all makeup enthusiasts. Most of the beauty blenders are aqua-activated, which means they grow to about twice their size when soaked in water. Afterward, it’s all smooth sailing, and you know the drill.

The true original beauty blenders tend to dominate the beauty market due to their impeccable technology and performance, but other beauty brands do it justice, too. We’ve rounded up some of the best beauty blenders available in Bangkok for you to get that airbrushed skin look based on your priorities.

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We can’t go wrong with the OG of beauty blenders right? This exclusive fuscia pink-colour Beautyblender (THB 825) comes in an edgeless shape of trademarked non-latex aqua-activated foam. If you are newbie and just want to experiment with a beauty blender, pick this tried-and-test one.

Rules? Once the sponge is submerged in water, it grows to about twice the size so that your makeup foundation lands on your skin instead of being wasted all over the sponge. Also, the rule with the Beautyblender brand is pretty clear: Wet, Squeeze, and Bounce. It is optimal with foundations, powders, BB creams, CC creams, and more. Bounce the highlighter on your cheeks and bounce the foundation under your eye to hide those dark circles — play it all out with this original porous blender.

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This charcoal-hued sponge is a real black beauty. Beautyblender Pro (THB 825) is perfect to use with darker-toned products that are also usually hard to rinse clean from a lighter-coloured applicator. Whilst the method of using it is quite similar to the original Beautyblender, it’s best for complexion products, long-wear makeup, and self-tanners. It blends in perfectly with darker foundations and contouring, and doesn’t get as stained as its original pink predecessor. Beautyblender Pro is meant for those who take their make-up game really, really seriously. Professional make-up artists are more likely to opt for the Beautyblender Pro.


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This fizzy pink hue shade of this Beautyblender (THB 825) comes in the same unique shape and material as the original Beautyblender. However, it’s rather designed to enhance your look with primers, foundations, powders, cream blushes, or any other complexion products. This baby-pink tool happens to be softer than other blenders and it’s not as dense as the Beautyblender Pro. It also looks really adorable.


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The truth is, we all love the “I woke up like this” look. And whilst there are so many colours we fancy from Beautyblender’s collection, only this hero would flawlessly hide foundation stains. This Nude-coloured egg-shaped sponge (THB 825) is used to celebrate flawless, natural-looking skin to get that ‘no makeup’ look. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be applying blush or use this one for contouring because that can spoil its essence. Best part? The sponge looks clean all the time — like the foundation wasn’t even there in the first place. Did the beauty blender wake up like this? May as well have.

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The second we gazed upon this beauty, it screamed “Wet Me.” Apart from the fact that it’s cute to ‘gram, this shadeshifter can change colour from a gorgeous lavender to a dreamy blue in the blink of an eye. The Beautyblender Shapeshifter Wave (THB 825) mimics an airbrush second-skin effect and its colour technology makes makeup even more exciting. There is an extra level of satisfaction seeing your sponge change colour. Whilst other beauty blenders require the sponge to be saturated with water, the Shadeshifter temperature-activated technology allows the blender to change colour in a jiffy. Soak the beauty blender in hot water, and witness the magic. It’s perfect for makeup newbies and even professionals.


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A dose of happiness lays under this always so sunny sponge. The gorgeous lemon-hue blender (THB 825) contains an aqua-activated material just like the original beauty blender. Because it’s made of water-soluble dyes, it may shed dye for the first few times, but that doesn’t affect its performance. Once wet, it easily blends in and bounces your foundation with precision. Feel the sun-kissed warmth on your face? We do.

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The mini versions of beauty blenders (THB 709) work wonders when it comes to ‘hard to reach’ spots like covering up under-eyes and contouring. The mini-ones give a fresh, dewy finish and are just one-fourth the size of the original blender. This neon-green duo helps blend highlighter, colour corrects, and covers concealer makeup using its exclusive aqua-activated power. For an ultra-precise blending, this twin set is your ultimate product.

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The beauty blusher (THB 501) is here to bring out your cheeky side. The juicy pink grapefruit hue is the perfectly-sized applicator to top off your complexion. From creamy blushes to holographic powders, this medium-sized blender offers a flawless pop to your skin. Those who can’t do without having a pink spark on their cheeks, this one is for you.

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An alternative to the Beautyblender brand, this 3DHD Blender (THB 560) is no ordinary beauty sponge. Its innovative design has the ability to reach every contour of the face with great ease. Its unique edges and flat surfaces allow all-over coverage and can be used with concealers and highlighters. It is multi-sided, multi-angled, and has the ability to carve out sharp angles, which makes it quite worth it. You don’t have to submerge it in water and keep it dry all the time.

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