What makes a beauty store cool? The variety of brands, maybe. The trending shades and products, definitely. But KIS beauty store is the coolest new multi-brand beauty store in Bangkok because it has all of that — and so much more.

Opened just earlier this week at Central World, KIS beauty store is a one-stop shop for hundreds of international brands and products all the way from L.A. to New Zealand to South Korea. The vibrant and glamorous space is lined with big names like Mac and Nars to more niche brands like XOXO and Peripera. Here you’ll also find brands like Clarins and Jo Malone offering special products from their youth range, understanding that young millennials want top quality beauty products too. With such a wide range and several international products exclusive to KIS beauty, this is a beauty store for all ages, budgets, and styles.

Celebrities at the official opening party of KIS at Central World.

But KIS (it stands for “Keep In Style”) is more than just a multi-brand beauty store. It’s a new beauty lifestyle, a fun hangout spot, and a place to get creative. There’s an in-store cafe, Ga/Ga, which serves cakes and freshly brewed bubble tea in all our favourite flavours (brown sugar, of course). The store is your personal playground to try out and experiment with the range of products without having to be shy about talking to sales assistants. Even so, there are always some KIS beauty store ambassadors on standby who are ready to solve any makeup dilemmas you may have. As if you’re at some kind of traffic light party, the shopping baskets at KIS beauty come in two categories: pink if you’d like assistance, and silver if you’d like to be left free to browse at your own leisure. Honestly, you could very well spend a whole afternoon here.

[Hero and Feature image: KIS beauty store]

The must-have products from KIS beauty store…


Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm Original


A gorgeously light and silky balm that nourishes your skin whilst also drawing out all impurities and makeup. Available in four varieties depending on your skin’s needs, this is possibly the easiest cleansing ritual you’ve ever had. THB 1090.

Comvita Propolis Nourish Balm


Available exclusively at KIS, this New Zealand product boasts all the best features of natural and organic ingredients that the country is famed for. The Propolis balm is full of Vitamin E and organic essentials oils like olus, olive, and chamomile. You can rub it all over your body from your cuticles to your ankles. If you only have one skincare product on your basin make it this. THB 750.

Lipstick Queen “Mornin’ Sunshine” lipstick


It could be magic, it could be science — either way, this lipstick blew our minds. On first glance, this strange yellow stick might seem like just an average lip balm, but once you apply it the colour shifts into a lovely pink based on the pH of your lips. The result? You’re left with a natural tint that perfectly suits you. Oh, and the infused Vitamin E and sunflower oil is a very welcome healthy bonus. THB 990.

Unpa. Bubi Bubi Face Bubble Peeling Gel


Here are 2 skincare truths: dead skin is never pretty and large pores are annoying. This 3-step face peeling treatment tackles both in a single use and reveals a bright new baby face. The gel transforms into bubbles that softens dead skin, unclogs pores. Simply leave your skin in that bubble bath for about 3 minutes, give yourself a mini face massage, and rinse. THB 790.

Banila Co. True Trick Brow Auto Pencil


Shaping your brows has never been easier. Crafted as intricately as paintbrushes, you’ll be creating some real works of art with these. The True Trick Brow Auto Pencil comes in three shades and are pretty much are no-brainer to use. THB 550.

Skin Syrup Revive Shower Gel


Using all natural ingredients only, Skin Syrup’s products are always a safe bet for your cleaning rituals. They also make shampoos, face oils, and mists too so your whole body can go organic. We love the slightly zingy feel of their Revive shower gel, and the turmeric even leaves a bit of a summery glow on your skin. THB 185-350.

Peripera Ink Airy Stick

Softly tinted lips are all the rage right now. Your best bet to achieve that ghostly, slightly smudged lipstick look is with the Airy Stick by Peripera which pretty much does it all for you in a single swipe. They also come in lots of gorgeous natural colours. THB 390.

My Clarins Youth Range Clear-Out Spot Treatment

Part of Clarins’s cute youth range, the My Clarins Clear-Out takes all the skincare expertise and sophisticated ingredients of your classic Clarins products and directs it towards younger skin needs. Don’t be surprised if those pesky pimples start disappearing before your very eyes. THB 700.

Paul and Joe Lipstick

As if their incredibly pretty shades weren’t irresistible enough, Paul and Joe also make the best lipstick cases ever. Get their latest cat-themed collection at KIS now. And yes, the lipstick itself is cat-shaped. THB 400.

KIS Beauty. 5/F Central World, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330 (10am-10pm).

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