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9 Thai celeb-inspired makeup looks to brave the outdoors again

Have a date coming up? Here are Thai celebrity-inspired makeup looks to help you get the look that you want as you embrace going out again.

Going on a date can be quite nerve-wracking, especially during this post-lockdown period. We’ve been staying at home for so long that we’ve forgotten our regular makeup routine. It doesn’t take long to recover the skills. However, it can be pretty tiring to search through countless ideas to find the best look.  If you’re still struggling to find the best look that fits you, we’ve got you covered. Here, we’ve curated a list of makeup looks inspired by Thai celebrities to impress your date. These looks will be your confidence booster and help you glam up.

[Hero Image Credit: Instagram @baifernbah; Featured Image Credit: Instagram @alrisaa]

Simple, sweet, and Korean style

Similar to the Korean style, Maprang Alrisa’s look is perfect for a last-minute date. It’ll save you so much time and it pairs perfectly with casual cute outfits.

Soft shimmery brown cat eye

You have to try Natt Aniporn’s makeup look if you want to look alluring without looking like you’ve spent hours to get this look. It’s an ideal go-to makeup look for those with more tanned skin, too.

Full glam

Anntonia Porsild’s beauty pageant look is all about glitz and glamour. Save this look for when you really need to make an entrance and impress. Not only will you look your best, but you’ll also feel like a queen.

Experiment with contact lenses

Charm your date with Vill Wannarot’s seductive look. It’s a light makeup look that will make your hazel contact lenses pop. Your date will certainly get lost in your eyes.

Iconic red lipstick

Anyone can rock Kratae Rsiam’s red lipstick look. It’s timeless, romantic, and super easy to recreate in your own style, whether you go for darker or lighter shades.

Friday night look

Architasiri’s stunning Friday night makeup look may leave your date speechless. You’ll look spectacular, and it will make your Friday date night one to remember.

Dark cat eye look

If you love adding dark eyeliner to your makeup look, Gypsy Keerati’s style is for you. This versatile eyeliner doesn’t just accentuate your peepers but also gives your eyes a dramatic flair. Pair with eyelash extensions for ultimate drama.

Warm tones

Baifern Pimchanok’s Korean-style velvet makeup look brings elegance to the next level. While it complements a warm skin tone, you’ll look radiant with hints of bronze.

 Nude lip and bold eye

Nycha Natthanicha’s look will captivate your date’s heart with the attention-grabbing tight-lined eyes and a sexy nude lip. There’s no way that your date won’t be impressed with this sultry look.

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