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Online beauty hack: Why you should start using a fork to apply makeup

Is your next best makeup friend a fork? TikTok seems to think so.

While cosmetics brands keep doubling down on creativity to come up with ever more sophisticated beauty tools, that’s still not enough to satisfy users of the Chinese social network. As a result, they have delved into the kitchen to find the ultimate weapon to help them perfect their makeup: a fork. And it’s a surprising, but visibly effective ally.

We just can’t keep up with TikTokers. After lube as primer and face-taping to banish wrinkles, we thought we’d seen it all, but this new makeup hack is undoubtedly next level. Not content with brushes and other kinds of applicators, TikTok users had the ‘brilliant’ idea of raiding the kitchen to boost their beauty kit. And this time, it’s not about miracle ingredients or folk remedies. Here, the spotlight falls on the fork. This humble utensil is now being lauded as an essential ally for achieving flawless makeup.

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From foundation to contouring, eyeliner and eye makeup, the fork apparently makes it possible to craft the ultimate beauty look in a matter of seconds. So much so that TikTokers seemingly can’t get enough of this ‘high-tech’ utensil. It makes you wonder why generations of women — and men — haven’t thought of it before. Instead of using it to eat — crazy idea! — why did it never occur to anyone to try out their fork as the ultimate makeup tool. We can’t begin to imagine…


Among the most popular fork tricks spotted on TikTok is nose contouring, which involves playing with light to highlight this part of the face, or to make it look slimmer. A user by the name of @kat_longoria, whose video has been viewed more than two million times, uses a fork to draw three distinct — and perfectly positioned — lines of product before blending them in. Simple. Effective.

But, rarely short of ideas, TikTokers have also used the fork to perfect their eyeliner, using the gaps between the prongs to achieve a flawless line. Others even go as far as using a fork to create ultra-trendy eyeshadow patterns to stand out from the crowd. Like we said, the fork is now the must-have tool for anyone looking to become a makeup pro. And the possibilities seem endless.


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Granted, it’s a bit odd, but there’s nothing to stop you from trying it out, as long as you’re reasonably steady handed. Unlike some other TikTok hacks, this trick isn’t in any way dangerous if you’re at ease with a fork. And if you’re afraid of making a mistake, you can always add another cutlery item to your routine — the dessert spoon — which not only protects the eyes, but also helps you draw perfect curved lines to bring new possibilities to your beauty routine.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.

Online beauty hack: Why you should start using a fork to apply makeup

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