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Blush sticks are having a moment, and we’re hauling them into our makeup kits

While the forms and choices for blushes are so plenty, blush sticks give a unique sheer to the total look. 

Blushes occupy a top-tier spot in the makeup hierarchy. It’s for this reason that the beauty industry is also innovating with the formula and application of blushes. After liquid blushes and tints, blush sticks are all the rage right now and we have curated the best of the lot.  

When you shop for makeup, what products get priority? What is that one product you have multiple iterations of in your makeup bag? And which is the product you are okay paying an arm and a limb for? For me, it’s blushes in different shapes and forms without even blinking an eye. Blushes definitely hold a top spot courtesy of their ability to add that pop of colour and glam to our faces. A good blush is an unsung hero when it comes to getting dolled up for a special soiree or running an errand. No matter the formula, creamy, dewy or matte, that rosy touch not only adds life to those cheekbones but also is the last bow that adds a finishing touch to every look. 

While powder blushes are evergreen classics, liquid blushes and lip+cheek tints have had their moment in the spotlight and now it’s time for a new entrant to grab the spotlight, aka blush sticks. Those brush strokes sure highlight those cheekbones, but blush sticks are all the rage right now. Sibling to liquid blushes, blush sticks are not just fascinating and easy to use or reuse, but they’re also a convenient travel partner for beauty connoisseurs out there. Taking over the beauty industry one shade at a time, that one light dab or a symmetrical stroke of the stick will give your cheeks the rosy makeover you’re looking for. So, if all the buzz and all this hype isn’t enough to lure you into a beauty store then the products listed below might do the deed. From the application methods, and the finish to the natural shades, these blush sticks are worthy of being your go-to product. So buckle up as you’re about to take a trip to the cosmetic aisle and pick up some blush sticks. 

Best blush sticks in Bangkok to get that rosy glow instantly: 

Hero Image: Courtesy PixiBeauty/IG. Featured Image: Courtesy E.L.F Beauty. 

Blush sticks are having a moment, and we’re hauling them into our makeup kits

Jhanvi Duggal

Lifestyle Writer

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