We all have our own individual skin issues, but one of the biggest concerns we all have in common is — without a doubt — the visible signs of ageing. As years go by, our collagen production begins to taper off and our skin loses flexibility and firmness, eventually leaving us with saggy skin and wrinkles. Although we can’t stop the natural ageing process, we can still minimise the appearance of premature signs — and the earlier we start, the better.

Clarins has come to our rescue with a new breakthrough skincare set to help combat the ageing skin: Extra-Firming Jour & Nuit, which is consisted of both day and night treatments. These keen anti-agers are packed with a hefty dose of antioxidant extracted from botanical ingredients that can effectively protect your skin from external damages. Whether you can see it or not, pollution and sun exposure can have harmful effects to our skin on a daily basis with excessive free radicals that break cells and DNA. With antioxidant nutrients and anti-pollution complex, these incredible creams will block free radical activities and prevent the acceleration of ageing skin.


Start off your morning routine by applying Extra-Firming Jour (THB 3,800), which is enriched with a natural fermentation of kangaroo flowers and date palms, helping you to get rid of annoying wrinkles and soften your skin texture at the same time. The skincare treatment also contains herbal extracts including shea oil and Mitracarpus which will restore your skin’s youthful elasticity. On top of anti-ageing properties, this particular cream also instantly fends off dullness and brightens your skin tone, letting you achieve smooth, translucent complexion with ease. A skincare weapon for the daytime, it will blend into your skin seamlessly without a sticky finish.


Before indulging in your beauty sleep, pamper yourself with this Extra-Firming Nuit (THB 4,000). Sharing some ingredients with Extra-Firming Jour, the overnight skincare has similar efficacious properties but gives an even deeper nourishment; it does both moisturising and anti-ageing. While it recovers the elastin in your skin and fights premature fine lines, its infusion also includes hydrated silica extracted from moonstones that maximise the moisture retention. With an aromatic sleep scent, it calms your skin and mind, offering an immediate relief from tightness and dullness, too. Let the skin-soothing formula go to work while you’re asleep. Extra-Firming Nuit is a great addition to your nighttime regime, ensuring healthy glowing and firm skin in the AM when you wake.

The Clarins Extra-Firming Jour & Nuit is suitable for all ages and skin types — even to those with more sensitive complexions or dry skin. Whether you’re keen to fend off lacklustre complexion or on the hunt for anti-ageing essentials, Clarins Extra-Firming Jour & Nuit will help your skin stay supple and taut at all times.

Clarins Extra-Firming Jour & Nuit is available at Clarins stores in Bangkok. 

Chanya Ormtavesub
Staff Writer, Bangkok
Chanya enjoys writing about everything related to fashion and beauty. If you ever catch her day-dreaming, she’s probably thinking about what to put next onto her shopping wish lists and how to make her cat happy.