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The 10 coolest nail trends in Bangkok right now

We seriously doubt there’s any city in the world that’s crazier about manicures than Bangkok.

With a nail salon at every corner of the street, you’re never far away from a little nail makeover. No matter how many times you get one, a manicure is always something to be excited about — particularly when it comes to selecting your styles. From go-big-or-go-home patterns to timeless minimal nudes, there’s an ever-growing world of possibilities when it comes to nail designs and textures. It really can be overwhelming to choose one. Sitting in those leather armchairs right now struggling to make a decision? Scroll through and get inspired by some of the most fabulous nail trends in Bangkok right now.

Skittles Nails

One of the most viral trends on Instagram in 2019, this one’s perfect for those who just can’t ever seem to choose only one colour. Stay true to the sweets and go bright, or tone it down a little with some pastel variations.


Timeless Tan

Perfect for the colour palettes of autumn and winter, this is a sophisticated, goes-with-everything option that’s still the right amount of eye-catching.


Graphic Detail

This ones for the artsy ones out there! Have a little fun with pastel geometrics, tiny polka dots, and a bold nail shape.


Animal Print

One of the wilder nail trends in Bangkok – animal prints are going from coats to cuticles, giving a sassy cool-girl look that’s super stylish.



Maybe we’re all prepping for Frozen 2, but the various glitter nail trends in Bangkok right now are giving us some serious ice princess vibes. It’s a winter must-try.


Mulberry Marble

An autumn rendition of this summer’s marbling trend. Go for those liquid swirls in a darker colour palette with a forest berry theme this season: mulberries, blackberries, and cherries are all a-go.


CD nails 

Throwback to the analogue days with this retro nail design. Slick on a layer of translucent holographic gloss over the top and you’re ready to hit the disco.


French manicures with a twist

The natural look, the subtle glamour: the classic French manicure will never go out of style. But to switch it up a bit, try creating edgier shapes for the white tips, such as slanted lines, double lines, or thickness variations.


Missing summer? Let it live on in your manicure. This fading-colours nail trend isn’t going to fade away any time soon.

3D Art

Here’s a fabulous futuristic nail trend to step forward into 2020. Whether it’s tiny pearls, crystals, and appliqués, 3D art nails are about to be the new standard.

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