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5 cult lip liners everybody needs to own (and 8 tips on how to use them)

If you’re still not using lip liner, do you even love your lips? Are you even getting the most out of them? Is your makeup even complete? Here’s our guide to the best cult lip liners you can buy in Bangkok.

Lip liners are probably the most underrated items in a makeup kit, but they are a worthy addition to your makeup routine. These tiny pencils not only help you apply lipstick in the most precise manner but also prevents fading, feathering, and bleeding. If you want your lipstick to last longer and stay bolder, there’s no way you can do without a lip liner.

[Hero Image Credit: Huda Beauty; Featured Image Credit: Smashbox Cosmetics]

best lip liner smashbox cosmetics
Image Credit: Smashbox Cosmetics

What makes a lip liner special though? One, a nude or a pink liner can be a universal lifesaver. And two, a well-pigmented one can even replace your lipstick. No wonder MAC cosmetics favourite red lipstick Ruby Woo has a liner with the same name that gets sold out in minutes. How can you reap the good benefits of a lip liner? We put together a few ideas that will help you make the humble lip liner a star in your makeup bag.

best lip liner huda beauty
Image Credit: Huda Beauty

How does one choose the perfect lip liner? Make sure it’s a shade darker than your natural lip colour.

How to make sure your lip liner stays put and doesn’t dry you out? Make sure you apply a lip balm and make sure your lips are hydrated.

Can a lip liner act as a primer? It most definitely can. And that means your lipstick will stay on longer without fading.

Want a huge pout and a plump lip? Just layer on the lip liner and use a  slightly darker lip liner to define the bow and the middle of the bottom lip. Make sure you then blend all of them together with a lighter shade. You can also draw the lip line slightly above the lip to give it definition.

Don’t want your lipstick to look heavy and fake? Your lip liner needs to come with a blunt edge, not a sharp one. The blunt ends give it a softer touch and no harsh lines. So, don’t sharpen your lip pencil too much.

best lip liner huda beauty
Image Credit: Huda Beauty

When applying your lip liner, try holding your pencil at a 45-degree angle so you don’t get harp edges or weird definition – it will be softer, more precise without the jagged edges.

If you want more natural definition, look for clear lip pencils that give you an invisible border. They help keep feathering and blurred edges at bay and you won’t just that weird, slightly odd invisible liner after your lipstick fades off.

To make your lips look more natural, switch up the application process. Wear your lipstick first and then line your lips – make sure you draw good borders so nothing feathers or slips out. Here are our favourite picks for lip liners.

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner in Nude Medium, THB 909

These Smashbox lip liners are good to wear on liquid lipsticks because they help lipstick stay on without bleeding. They are invisible, long-wearing, water-resistant, and come in a self-sharpening twist of the cap. They also come with built-in sharpeners, so it’s great for women on-the-go. And their range of nudes is unparalleled and suit every lipstick in an Indian woman’s box.

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M.A.C Lip Pencil in Soar and Whirl, THB 765

MAC Lip pencils are a set part for any makeup lover; they come with great pigments and are smooth on the lips, delivering bright and bold colours in a jiffy. The smooth, creamy texture is great to give you that soft, feathery outline, and it doesn’t drag at all. Perfect for those who have dry lips and are in constant need of hydration.

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Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk, THB 1050

The most iconic lip liner in this set is the Charlotte Tilbury one aptly called Pillow Talk and comes in three shades – Intense, Medium, and Original – all three great on fair to deep skin tones. The formula glides on beautifully and keeps it so effortless on the lips in one swipe. Definitely, a velvety feel to it.

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NYX Professional Makeup Suede Matte Lip Liner in Copenhagen and Shanghai, THB 420

NYX suede mattes are like magic on lips. They are velvety and downright plush. And they come in a host of hues – from browns to pinks to plums that suit Indian skin tones beautifully. They are richly pigmented and satisfyingly bold and they last longer than any other pencil.

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Huda Beauty Lip Contour in Bombshell, Muse and Trendsetter, THB 800

If you own these colours, you pretty much own the entire makeup line, and they suit every lipstick. The Huda Beauty liner is smooth and pigment-packed. The glide-on lip pencil applies smooth and finishes off in a matte finish and is water and transfer-proof.

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