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Gucci’s first fine fragrance line is a whimsical nod to alchemy

If any fashion brand were to fuse alchemy and whimsy to incredible success, it has to be Gucci. Under the tutelage of Alessandro Michele, the brand has flirted with religion and gothic drama, even to the point where they held a runway show in a necropolis. Its latest persuasion in the realm of the obscure is the world of magick with its latest line of 14 fine fragrances, titled The Alchemist’s Garden. 

gucci alchemist garden
Alchemist Garden.

Moving forward from Michele’s debut Gucci scent, Bloom, The Alchemist’s Garden is an ambitious venture into haute perfumery spanning seven fragrances, three scented waters and four oils. Each of these come housed in delicate porcelain flacons that reference Italian apothecary bottles of the past, finished with watercolour-style illustrations and gold lettering.

The Alchemist’s Garden line gets an A for aesthetic, and for the way every expression smells too. Co-creator and perfumer Alberto Morillas designed all the perfumes to focus on one raw material, such as oud, iris, fresh roses and more to evoke primal memories in its wearer. The concentration of one scent also invites you to mix and match different combinations of perfumes from the range to create your own unique blend. According to the brand, 48 medleys are possible.

The Alchemist’s Garden is currently available at the Gucci Paragon boutique in Singapore, beginning at S$364 for the floral water, S$520 for the perfume, S$650 for parfum oil.

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