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6 Halloween 2021 makeup ideas inspired by pop culture

Halloween is the best time to let your inner artist free. No costume is complete without some Halloween makeup, just like no manicure is complete without a topcoat.

Previously Halloween was all about who had the scariest costumes, who had the goriest Halloween makeup done, and who had the bloodiest clothes. As the years have passed and pop culture has started to influence our lives, Halloween is now about who has dressed up as which celebrity or the most relevant TV or Movie character. Each passing year, there are Halloween makeup galore looks to recreate, and the creativity keeps booming.

With Halloween fast approaching, it is time to unleash your creative side. When the wackiest clothes get the most attention, it is also a perfect opportunity to recreate classic pop-culture moments. From Kim K’s brow-raising Met Gala look to David Bowie’s iconic look for his album Aladdin Sane, from dressing up as Daphne from Scooby-Doo or recreating the mask from the famous show Money Heist. We have got you covered! We have rounded up some of our easy and favourite Halloween makeup looks just for you. Get your pop culture on, and let’s get started.

[Header Image and Featured Image Courtesy Olivia Rodrigo Instagram]

halloween 2021 makeup

Image: Courtesy Stephanie Kondo Instagram

Olivia Rodrigo – Sour

‘Good 4 U’ if you already have your costume planned, but do not be sour if you don’t. Here is one well-known album cover you can recreate. All you need is a little eyeliner, some stickers, and your inner child for this super-cute and easy Halloween look.

halloween 2021 makeup
Image: Courtesy Freja Bermann Instagram

Squid Game

Squid Game is a chilling series that has been the talk of the town for a long time, and it will continue to be. With each episode as daunting as the other, this look is perfect for the spooky season. Using just one product, an eyeliner, one can create a stunning graphic liner depicting the simple shapes often seen in the series. Anyone will recognise this Halloween makeup look without having seen the show.

halloween 2021 makeup
Image: Courtesy Harriet Chadwick Instagram

Billie Eilish – When The Party’s Over

Billie Eilish, a young artist and role model for many, seems to wear the best looks, whether in her music videos or at award shows. The singer is never shy about dressing boldly. Here is a Halloween makeup look that has been around for a while but is ready to be revived. A minimal eyeshadow and some gloss bring the spotlight to the black tears dripping from the face. So grab your brushes and get started before the party is over.

halloween 2021 makeup
Image: Courtesy Ellie Addis Instagram

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Violet Beauregarde

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a childhood classic loved by all. Every child dreamed of walking through a factory built almost entirely of Chocolate, a sweet concoction no one can resist. A particular unfortunate scene recreated by Ellie Addis did the rounds and can easily be accomplished by you as well. A splash of violet, blue and pink around the nose and a piece of gum to pop will be just enough to get this Halloween makeup look right.

halloween 2021 makeup
Image: Courtesy Natalia Chahine Instagram

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, a Grammy Award winner, was known and loved for many things. Not only was she known for her deep voice and her mix of musical genres but also for her bold eyeliner, as well as her Madonna piercing and beehive hairstyle. She is an iconic artist whose legacy continues, especially with recreating her classic look. This simple but bold look with a thick winged liner and faux piercing is an homage to the beautiful singer.

halloween 2021 makeup
Image: Courtesy Emily Instagram

The Queen’s Gambit

Mariska Veres, a Dutch singer, was Daniel Parker’s muse for Episode 6 of The Queen’s Gambit. The messy graphic liner captured Beth’s breakdown to a T! There is no need to perfect this dishevelled look. Get in the zone by playing some music and letting your emotions out. To replicate this Halloween makeup look you only need to create a soft brown graphic liner at the top of your eyelid and a messy black liner at the bottom.

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Dhwani Ajmera

Dhwani is an aspiring beauty writer, passionate about makeup since 1999. When not scrolling through Instagram looking for inspiration or entertainment, she is binge-watching a new show or rewatching an old one with her all-time favourite company – Asian food and a cup of tea!

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