For those who haven’t heard of Buppesanivas, it’s a Thai romantic-comedy TV show with a time-travel twist. Based on a famous novel of the same name, Buppesanivas is written by the Thai author named Rampang. Combining modern storytelling techniques with authentic Thai history, the story represents Ayutthaya era in a fresh and captivating way. Paying much attention to detail, the pagoda scenes and traditional costumes are all effortlessly stunning. Since the first day of broadcasting, it has been the television show on everyone’s lips.

A leading character from the prosper era of Ayutthaya, Karakade (starred by Bella Ranee) always turns up looking glamourous with her colourful traditional Thai outfits and flawless makeup. From sultry to subtle looks, the fan-favourite character’s image really catches our eyes. Whether you’re a big fan of the TV show or looking for makeup inspirations, here’re our recommended beauty products to achieve the Buppesanivas-inspired looks.

Image credits: @broadcastthaitv, @lakorn_online

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