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How will we shop for makeup after COVID-19?

COVID-19 has really had a hard-hitting effect on both hospitality and retail industries. 

Both have had to make major adjustments to how they serve and approach customers, between plexiglass screens, social distancing measures, and regular temperature checks. 

Still, a reopening does not signal the end of safety issues, given that beauty retail is an extremely tactile experience. Swatching, sampling, getting a makeover — all these are crucial to one’s time at any beauty store, and with that comes a fair share of risks during a pandemic where one touch is all it takes to get COVID-19.

Beauty giant Sephora is very well aware of this, and with the announcement of its reopening in Singapore, the giant has issued a roadmap that lets us visualise the dos and don’ts of shopping for beauty products amidst a pandemic. It’s a good outline for how we might approach shopping for makeup and beauty products well post-pandemic. 

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How do we go about trying on makeup products?

Hygiene and social distancing being top priorities means that your in-store experience is a hybrid between the physical and the digital. No more testers are available and there is a strict no-touch policy, so customers will have to rely on an app-based Virtual Artist that lets you digitally “try” on products with facial recognition technology.

An in-built bar or QR code scanner easily pulls up information and reviews about the product you want to purchase within the Sephora app, giving you the option to quickly suss out whether it is right for you without having to spend extended time in-store just Googling.

For foundations, the website and app’s Find Your Shade feature will have to suffice. This function utilises shades you currently use to match with the closest thing the product line in your hand has.

The app also has a “click to buy” option that allows you to purchase your items without having to go to the cashier.

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And what about in-store consultations and makeovers?

As in-store interactions have to be minimised, Sephora has launched virtual consultations with its beauty experts, held over Zoom, so you can address queries to your heart’s desire about hair, skin, or makeup products. You can book one here.

Social distancing rules?

There are still standards to be held. 1-metre social distancing applies at all times, temperatures will be taken before your admittance, SafeEntry check-ins are a must and so is sanitising your hands.

What Sephora is doing will surely translate into other areas of beauty retail until a vaccine is discovered. So from now till whenever that is, embrace the new face of shopping for time to come.

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