Whether it’s a new beauty balm, blemish fix, or botox: welcome to your local guide to what to put on your face in Bangkok.

Each month, we’ll be presenting you with a series of beauty products we’re very excited about, be it a newly-launched lipstick or a tried-and-tested sheet mask.

This April 2021, we officially enter the hottest month of the year and we can’t wait to turn up from our typically muted looks to the summer-ready ones filled with colour. A bold splash of red on the lips or a spritz of florals on your neck? Here’s what’s in for this month’s beauty buys.

Vatanika gives you a chance to get her luscious lips

Image Credit: Vatanika Beauty

Any mention of the name Vatanika might have you thinking about the namesake fashion designer’s famous YouTube series or her clothing brand. But her foray into the beauty world is totally in keeping with her character, as she can now help women attain something that she naturally possesses: her full lips. The new line of lip colours comprises a three-step guide to achieving full, luscious, and glammed-up lips: a lip primer, liquid matte lipstick, and lastly, our top pick: a lipstick that with a lip gloss on the other end so you have the option to switch it up.

Best for: Those who love their lips plumped and luscious
Wear to: A night out on the town
Priced at: THB 795 (Lip Primer); THB 990 (Liquid Matte Lip Trip), THB 1250 (The Ultimate Glam Hero Lipstick)
Buy at: BFF stores or online.

Bobbi Brown combines your skincare and makeup routine

Image credit: Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown is one of many brands that have embraced the skin minimalism trend, and they nailed it with the Skin Serum Foundation. For those who lead a hectic lifestyle, the part-serum, part-foundation mix your answer to cutting down your routine. Enriched with Cordyceps extract, a highly prized ingredient in Chinese herbal medicine, this serum foundation will nourish your skin while working double duty to create a flawless canvas for your makeup touches.

Best for: Multitaskers and skinimalist advocates
Wear to: Work, especially when you’re in a rush
Priced at: THB 2650
Buy at: Bobbi Brown counters or online.

Gucci debuts new lip pencils and eye liners

Image credit: Gucci Beauty

If you’re an artist at heart, consider swapping out your crayons and colouring pencils for Gucci’s latest line (no pun intended) of lip pencils and eye liners. Use them to recreate the 60s floating eyeliner look or play around with the 90s lip liner trend that’s back in the game. Your imagination is your limit. Both the Crayon Contour des Lèvres and Stylo Contour des Yeux come in a creamy, feather-proof formula, and various fun shades that are perfect for the hot summer. 

Best for: Fans of Twiggy and the 60s mod look
Wear to: Your next shopping spree
Priced at: THB 1150
Buy at: Gucci Beauty Counter, M Floor, Siam Paragon.

Chanel wants to make your lips shine

Image Credit: Chanel Beauty

Bold and vibrant is the name of the game this summer, and Chanel celebrates the seasonal shift with Rouge Coco Bloom, a new line of plumping lipsticks that also add hydration and shine. Compared to the previous generation of Rouge Coco lipsticks, Bloom features a two-phase formula that secures the colour onto the lips then produces the covetable, ultra-shiny plumping effect. It’s a testament that lipsticks can possess intense colour, lasting-hold, and shine all in one stick. 

Best for: Lip gloss converts
Wear to: A trip to the florist
Priced at: THB 1450
Buy at: Chanel beauty counters and Chanel online. 

Brighten up your mood with Acqua di Parma’s Signatures of the Sun

Image Credit: Acqua di Parma

Though Acqua di Parma has only been available in Thailand last year, the storied Italian perfume house has been producing fragrances for over a century. The Signatures of the Sun collection is a sun-filled interpretation of prized ingredients like Sakura and Osmanthus, the latter of which is an homage to the osmanthus plant native to East Asia. We love how this flower’s status has been elevated from a Chinese herbal tea ingredient to an ambrosial every day perfume. 

Best for: Those who don’t just drink their teas, but also spray it
Wear to: Afternoon tea by the lily ponds
Priced at: THB 8900 (100 ml.)
Buy at: Beauty Hall, M Floor, Siam Paragon.

Minnie Ongsricharoenporn
Managing Editor, Bangkok
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