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The best products from Selena Gomez’s makeup line, according to our favourite Youtubers

Have you been eagerly waiting for Selena Gomez’s Rare Beauty launch in Thailand? Before you get your hands on any of the products and before they reach our shores, find out whether they’re worth the hype or not.

If you’ve been keeping up with the beauty news, you’ll know that Selena Gomez turned into a beauty entrepreneur this year by launching her very own beauty line, Rare Beauty. Th highly-anticipated makeup line has been on our beauty radar given it’s clean and crisp aesthetic packaging, easy-to-use shades, and most of all, its purpose to raise mental health awareness. Gomez has poured a lot of herself into this beauty line given that she personally did the product testing and designing to curate this mission-driven beauty collection. The vegan and cruelty-free beauty line encourages that you don’t have to be a makeup artist to use its products, and the aim is to enjoy being “you.”

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Adding to the cause, the name of each of the product form the Rare Beauty collection has been approved by a therapist. It feels like a set of positive affirmations for your skin.

But let’s put these products to the test. Is Selena Gomez’s makeup line just another celebrity makeup brand or is it truly worth the purchase? What really makes it unique? To find out how promising each product is, we gathered some honest reviews from our favourite YouTubers who have tried and tested the products to tell you whether it’s a hit or miss.

First Impressions

Julia Adams is a makeup artist who often reviews beauty products, and for the Rare Beauty collection, she does an in-depth first impression review and tests the products. From testing the weightless universal gel primer, and suggesting which foundation shade is a winner out of the 48 shades, to comparing the matte and dewy lipstick, here’s Julia’s low down on the Rare Beauty collection.

Recreate Selena’s Look

Lifestyle blogger and co-owner of Face Halo, Chloe Morello gives us her first impression of the new cosmetic line with a fun unboxing session. Chloe attempts to recreate Selena’s look with the beauty line and gives us a little comparison to Fenty Beauty and other products in the market to visualise whether it makes its mark in this beauty game. Also, she describes how the simple packing really smoothens the process as Selena has designed in a way to make it easier for people suffering from lupus or arthritis, just like herself. From describing the illuminating primer to having an airless pump to explaining it as ’tacky’ in a good way, here’s a straightforward review on the makeup line.

Honest review from a fan

Manny Mua is a male beauty blogger and a Selena Gomez fan, who promises to give an honest review. Manny feels that the look of the collection has an old feel with a modern twist. He suggests that it is similar to Fenty Beauty in some ways given that there’s one shade for the foundation and a matching shade for the concealer. Watch his honest review to see whether this works for him or not.

15-product review

Raye Boyce is an LA-based blogger and she decided to try on 15 products from the Rare Beauty collection. From the liquid blush to having liquid luminisors instead of powder highlighters, Raye sums it all up.

Review from a makeup artist

ET Style’s Kristen Gill had a first look at all of the products, including highlighters, foundations, concealers, and lip cream. Gill is a makeup artist from the past 8 years and believes that she know what we need and don’t need in our makeup kits. So whether your skin feels cake-y or it’s breathable after applying the products, Kristen tells us all here in this brief review.

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