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Step up your contouring routine with Clarins’ skincare experts

While we all know that having a healthy diet and exercising on a regular basis are the best ways to keep our body in shape, some special skincare treatments can also add a boost to your fitness goal. Focusing on botanical-infused ingredients, Clarins has incorporated the latest technology into its skin firming products to deliver visible contouring results, in addition to your healthy lifestyle. With its latest body-toning cream and facelift serum, the skincare brand has got you covered from head to toe.

Designed to shed your orange-peel skin, Body Fit Fast Track is enriched with quince leaf extracts, which significantly minimises the appearance of cellulite, giving fleshy inner thighs, loose upper arms and flabby belly skin an instant lift.

Aside from its firming properties, it’s also consisted of active antioxidants from horse chestnuts that fight free radical damages. While its skin-soothing agents from flowering plants will soften and smoothen the dimpled texture on your skin, the hazel infusions will lock in the moisture and offer an elasticity.

Not only will Body Fit Fast Track help you achieve shapely sculpted body of your dream, it will also add a natural glow to your skin. Gently massage it on your body with your fingertips; its silky formula will blend into your skin seamlessly without leaving any sticky finish.


Those who’re keen to lift up your facial skin, add Clarins Facial Lift Total Contouring serum to your daily skincare routine. The brand also has recently given its popular product a package design update to celebrate the 20th anniversary, featuring a gorgeous red colour and floral illustrations.

The serum is packed with a nourishing blend of herbal and fruit extracts, which has proven to reduce loosen and saggy skin effectively. Guarana and kaki essences will contour your facial skin and reduce puffiness, whereas zerumbet gingers will help improve your complexion’s vitality and resilience. Massage it tenderly around your face and neck to get the firming effects in no time.

Clarins’ skincare experts got all the vital components that will do much more than just reshaping but also replenishing your body, making your skin smoother, suppler and stronger than ever before.

Clarins Facial Lift Total Contouring serum will launch on 1 June 2018 at all Clarins stores in Bangkok. 

Chanya Ormtavesub
Staff Writer, Bangkok
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