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5 long-haul flight beauty essentials

The longest non-stop flight, between Singapore and Newark, is 19 hours long.

That’s almost an entire day spent in a pressurised cabin with dry, recycled air and germ-sprawling surfaces. But you don’t have to be on the longest flight in the world to know that planes aren’t your skin’s best friend. From severe dehydration to restlessness, your skin’s in a constant battle while you’re flicking through the movie selection. 

Yet the jet-setter with perfect skin does exist. What are the products in their carry-on? Creating your essential in-flight beauty kit is a kind of art. It can be very personal and might take a few tries to get it right. As a guideline, a strong flight beauty kit will provide three essential aids when on board: cleansing, hydrating, and re-energising. 

Here we’ve rounded up 5 of the most popular skincare products amongst frequent flyers that do the best job at providing these solutions to your in-flight skin struggles. And, of course, all are under 100ml.

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Origins Ginzing Cleanser


It’s a good idea to clean your face before your long flight and just before you land. Think of the flight as you going to bed normally. Cleansers from Origins are always very gentle and non-drying, so they’re safe to use frequently. The Ginzing is also great for freshening up with a zingy kick that energises your skin, with a citrusy aroma to give you peace of mind. 

Available at Suvarnabhumi Airport and beauty counters in all department stores. THB 1,360.

Cle de Peau Essential Radiance Set 

The brightening emulsions from Cle De Peau do everything from restoring hydration to bringing out your skin’s radiance. Designed for travel, the brightening emulsions work as powerfully as serums but without the intensity of serums that can sometimes be too harsh for your skin’s heightened sensitivity during flights. One of the biggest giveaways of long flights is dull skin, so Cle De Peau’s essential radiance set is a fabulous shield against this. Apply just before you’re going to sleep. 

Available at Suvarnabhumi Airport, ICONSIAM, Emquartier, Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom. THB 10,710.

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

Don’t forget that your lips are a part of your skin too! And a sensitive part at that. Lock in moisture with Clarins’ Lip Comfort Oil, which also adds a subtle tint as well as a gorgeous natural scent. In the extremely dry cabin air, your lips are the first to suffer and hardest to remedy. This small simple step can make a huge difference to your flight experience and the rest of your travels once you get off. 

Available at Suvarnabhumi Airport, ICONSIAM, Emquartier, Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom. THB 2,150 for trio.

Sisley Hydra-Flash Formule Intensive Mask

To seal all the nourishment in and keep the cabin air out, apply a good quality hydration mask. Some people opt for sheet masks, but a leave-on cream may be better suited for long-term protection and convenience. It’s worth investing in a good face mask like the Sisley one, which not only protects your skin from becoming dry, but it also feeds in extra moisture-enhancing ingredients so your skin can naturally withstand dry conditions better. The Sisley mask also pairs with Cle de Peau’s brightening set as the mask also has radiance-boosting ingredients on top of sealing in the ingredients of the emulsions. The mask is also great for lifting skin, which is great considering that water retention during flights can create a sagging effect.Wash the mask off just before you land, and nobody will be able to tell you’ve just travelled 8,000 kilometres.

Available at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, ICONSIAM. THB 5,350.

Aveda Hair Oil

Also not to be neglected is your hair. Most Asians lean on the side of dry hair, which can become even more vulnerable to damage and brittleness when on board. Aveda’s hair oil is a fabulously easy way to add a layer of moisture over your strands in order to seal in its nutrients and combat static. Adding a healthy shine to your hair, it’s a sure way to perk up your look as a whole. Like other Aveda products, the hair oil also works wonders as aromatherapy and is great for helping you get a more restful sleep. That’s always good news for your beauty overall. 

Available at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Siam Paraon, Central Chidlom, Emquariter, Central World., ICONSIAM. THB 1,550.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 23 August 2019.

5 long-haul flight beauty essentials

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