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Meet Vince Garcia, Dior Sauvage’s first-ever Grooming Ambassador

Gone is the era of social media influencers, in is the age of grooming ambassadors. As Dior Beauty has named Vince Garcia as its latest Grooming Ambassador for 2023, here is everything you need to know about him.

Dior Beauty has introduced its first-ever grooming brand ambassador, Vince Garcia aka Vince the Barber. If that’s a name you haven’t heard of, allow us to offer some important context. Not only has Garcia’s barber chair accommodated famous celebrities, including NBA players and rappers, but he is also known for providing a platform for candid conversations. Not to mention, he is highly regarded for his hair expertise.

Originating from Toronto, Garcia started his journey in Los Angeles where he embarked on his career after receiving hands-on mentorship from his childhood barber. Reflecting on his beginnings, the hair stylist recalls,

“I made the move to LA at the age of 23 armed with a bag of clippers and a collection of aspirations.”

After being announced as Dior Beauty’s grooming ambassador, Garcia wrote the following in a recent Instagram post:

Throughout my career, I’ve been able to travel the world teaching and sharing my knowledge and experiences with barbers and stylists. I continued to build my name and learn a lot more about the business side of things which has helped me grow and expand my brand.

Dior Ambassador 2023
Image credit: Instagram/Vince Garcia

He further added,

“Being in the industry for a little over 20 years, I would have never imagined becoming the first U.S. Ambassador for Dior Grooming. I am beyond blessed for the opportunity to be able to share my expertise and work with the Dior team to educate about the Sauvage Grooming ritual.”

This appointment has raised a simple question for many folks – who exactly is Vince Garcia? Well, if you happen to be one of those people, here is everything you should know about Dior’s new 2023 grooming brand ambassador.

Meet Vince Garcia, Dior’s 2023 grooming ambassador

Dior Ambassador 2023
Image credit: Instagram/Vince Garcia

Widely known as Vince the Barber, Garcia has established himself as a premier authority in the realm of hairstyling for his Hollywood A-list clients. Hailing from Toronto, the hair stylist’s aspirations had always been firmly set on relocating to Los Angeles and launching his own barber emporium. With a comprehensive 18 years of experience in haircutting and styling, he has mastered his craft and the techniques needed in his profession.

He is also the co-founder of Grey Matter, a premier barber salon that caters to a unique set of clients. Think major rappers, musicians and actors. Garcia has invested in a team of skilled barbers and stylists that manage the salon. Garcia’s own expertise lies in an array of services that include giving his customers precision straight razor shaves, impeccably executed tapers, meticulously defined lineups and eye-catching designs.

Vince Garcia’s notable clients

Garcia is known for prioritising the special preferences of his clients and has firmly etched his identity as an exclusive barber. Trusted by a roster of prominent celebrities, the stylist’s skilful hands are responsible for the impeccable hairs styles and shaves of notable clients such as LeBron James, Devin Booker, Damian Lillard, Travis Kelce, Victor Cruz, Ludacris, Drake and Fabolous.

Image credit: Instagram/Vince Garcia

Beyond his work behind the chair, Garcia is also a prominent figure on LeBron James’ HBO show The Shop. The series sheds light on the authentic dynamics of a genuine barbershop, a setting that resonates deeply with James due to his own upbringing. The unscripted series offers a sneak peek into the barbershop atmosphere, often seen as a refuge for candid discussions. The show is broadcast intermittently over the course of the year, featuring episodes that showcase barbershops across the nation. Notable guests take centre stage, engaging in frank dialogues about a diverse range of subjects, including sports, music, popular culture, global events and other pertinent topics that hold cultural significance.

Apart from The Shop, Garcia has also contributed his skills to cinematic ventures, most notably the Fast and Furious franchise from the 6th to 9th instalments.

To celebrate Garcia’s appointment as Dior’s grooming ambassador, the fashion brand released a Conversation with a Barber video, which offers an intimate glimpse into the barbershop experience. As the camera rolls, Garcia artfully sculpts a client’s hair while engaging with the audience. Describing his vision for his shop, he emphasises, “When I opened up my shop, I wanted it to be welcoming to everyone, a safe space. I don’t even feel like me cutting hair is work. I’m excited to hear what my clients got going on. It’s that connection. That’s what brings me joy.”

Check out the video below: 

(Hero and feature image credit: Courtesy Instagram/Dior Beauty and Vince Garcia)

The story first appeared on AugustMan Singapore.

Meet Vince Garcia, Dior Sauvage’s first-ever Grooming Ambassador

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