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8 under-the-radar Korean skincare brands only true insiders would know

You’re only a true K-Beauty lover if you know these Korean skincare brands.

There is a reason why K-Beauty is popular all over the world — it works. Korean skincare brands are continuously innovating and developing new formulations and ingredients, and it’s what goes into those interesting textures that do the heavy lifting.

K-beauty is all about skin-loving, inflammation-reducing ingredients like snail mucin, niacinamide, ginger, matcha, and more. Sure, some of them are so out-of-the-box that we’ll have to think twice before using (snail mucin, anyone?), but we’ll try anything to get us closer to our objective of having the cleanest skin ever.

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Korean skincare brands to know in 2022

Korean skincare is here to stay—and we’re perfectly fine with that because it’s more than just a fad. It’s a beloved method of caring for your skin. There are hundreds of K-beauty brands on the market, but these are the ones that will melt, peel, glow, and repair the skin in the best ways possible.

Peach and Lily


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Peach & Lily not only offers its own skincare line but also popular K-beauty brands such as Lagom, Banila Co., and Miwaji. The founder emphasises education: “I wanted to pass on the joy of taking control of your skin.” To that purpose, the site has informational skincare guides, one of which explains the famous multi-step Korean skincare regime.

Yoon, the founder’s current must-have is their Vitamin C treatment: “I have persistent dark spots from being pregnant, and I love that this formula is 20 percent stabilized Vitamin C that’s gentle on skin. Perfect for delivering results I want to see for stubborn spots while keeping it gentle for my sensitive skin.”

Soon Skincare


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In 2018, the brand was officially launched. Founded by Lisa Ballstaedt and Kayla Bertagna with the goal of creating a Korean-inspired sheet mask that won’t slip off your face quickly, this brand swiftly rose to prominence as a top K-beauty skincare brand.

A flimsy and slippery sheet mask has got to be one of the biggest pet peeves in skincare. If you haven’t had the pleasure of wearing a gel mask instead of a sheet mask, pick up a few of their collagen-infused masks because you’ll never go back to the paper-thin mess that probably ripped in the past.

Banila Co.


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Banila Co. is not a new player in the Korean skincare industry. In fact, every 3.1 seconds, their ever-popular cleansing balm is purchased. This skin-first brand offers hybrid products to reduce the number of steps in your regimen, with an emphasis on a simpler routine. The brand’s current models/spokespeople are Korean actor Song Kang and actress and singer Shin Se-kyung.

If you hopped on the Euphoria makeup trends and then chose to try all of the extra looks, you might be wondering how to remove it all off without compromising a layer of skin. Banila’s cleansing balm removes even the most stubborn glitters, paints, and eyelash glue without clogging pores or irritating your delicate skin.

Soko Glam


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Soko Glam offers a well-curated selection of Korean skincare brands. One of the several steps in a K-beauty routine is the water-like elixir (an “essence”).  This essence is a lightweight prep for your skin that also protects your pores from being clogged, similar to a refresher course before the skin-satisfying serums.

Glow Recipe


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The fruit-focused skincare line launched in 2017. It began as an online retailer for various Korean skincare brands and evolved into Glow Recipe. Their creations are noted for taking a single piece of fruit and making it the star of the show.



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A serum-filled sheet mask is an essential step in a Korean skincare routine. It’s also a popular tool for self-care nights or Netflix binges. Founded in 2009, it actively works with scientists, dermatologists, and other skin professionals to ensure products include the finest and most up-to-date ingredients. So, If you’re ever not sure what type of face mask to get, just grab one from Mediheal.

Sweet Chef


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Sweet Chef creates concoctions of natural herbs, vegetables, vitamins, and other ingredients that our skin loves. The purpose of this Korean skincare brand, founded by the creators of Glow Recipe, is to develop nutrient-rich natural products using components such as celery, turmeric, beets, kale, and more. They also have such fun, colourful packaging.

The Crème Shop


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Adorable packaging with magical formulas is what K-beauty brands know how to ace. The Crème Shop is a great example of this, offering skincare products that will make you feel like a kid again, thanks to collaborations with popular characters such as Hello Kitty, DreamWorks Trolls, and BT21. This brand is here to remind you that your inner child deserves a chance to have fun.

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8 under-the-radar Korean skincare brands only true insiders would know

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