Sometimes it’s best to go back to basics.

Beauty routines in 2021 will be all about minimalism, in line with the “skip-care” and “skin fasting” trends already gaining followers worldwide. So maybe this season is the perfect time to take the plunge, taking skincare minimalism to the extreme by using only plant oils — preferably natural and organic —  to relieve seasonal skin complaints like dehydrated skin, chapped lips and dry hands.

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If you have very dry skin or need a bit of a detox…

Avocado, sweet almond and shea for facial care

Cold and windy weather tends to dry out the skin on our faces all winter long, leading to feelings of discomfort. But don’t give in to the temptation of layering, applying layers of several skincare products — even if they’re organic — in an attempt to nourish skin. Instead, try reaching for natural plant oils. As it happens, many of them have hydrating and nourishing properties. The best bet is avocado oil, one of the most nourishing options, preferably used at night to also get the best of its regenerative and antioxidant properties. Slightly richer than most oils, it can be mixed with jojoba oil, which penetrates skin more quickly.

If you have very dry skin, which is starting to feel taut, you could try applying a dab of sweet almond oil or shea olein (shea oil), both known for their hydrating properties, among other things. In fact, one of the major advantages of plant-based oils is that they are bursting with benefits for the skin. For example, sweet almond oil strengthens skin’s barrier and keeps it supple, while shea oil has reparative and anti-aging virtues.

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If your lips are chapped…

Calendula for chapped lips

What could be better than calendula flower for banishing chapped lips? This too is one of the most common winter skin complaints, and it’s not because we now spend our days hidden under face masks that we shouldn’t take care of this sensitive area.

Calendula oil has all the right properties to help get your lips back in soft, rosy shape. While people with sensitive or itch-prone skin often use this oil to soothe their skin, they not many know that it can also be very effective in tackling chapped lips thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Applying a drop to lips should be enough to get them back in top condition.

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And for your hands?

Olive oil for dry hands

While the virtues of olive oil are well known in the kitchen, this natural plant oil also has many benefits for your skin. Olive oil is the perfect ingredient to tackle dry hands thanks to its nourishing properties, as well as for hands that are irritated by the cold thanks to its soothing quality.

Plus, olive oil can be used on chapped lips or as an effective base for other formulations.

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