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The 6 best gel creams to keep your face hydrated

Forget creamy moisturisers, these gel creams are your new bestie.

If you’ve always walked away from moisturiser because it could sometimes be overly thick and heavy for the skin, then we hear you. Summer is calling and with Bangkok’s blazing weather, sweating out layers of moisturiser is quite unavoidable. Not to mention with face masks — it gets even more sweaty.

Welcome, gel creams. Gel creams are the perfect summer formula because they are feather-weighted hydrators and ideal for hotter temperatures. Whilst they are compatible with all skin types, it’s even more beneficial for those with oily or acne-prone skin because they don’t have any pore-clogging mineral oils. Given that they are water-based and have a cooling effect, it perfectly makes sense to scoop them in as part of your daily skincare routine. We’ve rounded up some of the best gel creams that will keep your skin healthy and sticky-free.

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Consider this one a five-minute mask every time you feel your skin needs a moisture boost. Clinique’s refreshing gel-cream provides an instant moisture oomph to your skin. It’s a dermatologist-tested gel, free from fragrance and oil. Your skin will feel dramatically different.

Price: THB 1,900

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Need a positive glow? Shiseido’s refreshing gel-cream provides the 24-hour moisture your skin needs and targets all those dark spots. Offering a dewy finish, this hydrating gel will give you a refreshing look so that you don’t have to stress about your dull skin anymore. For this White Lucent gel cream, Shiseido combines the cutting-edge science and power of nature to give your skin some sparkle with hyperpigmentation.

Price: THB 2,000 

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If you are planning to get a little intense with the moisture then Lancome should be your favourite. This cream-gel features a combination of Neurocalm dermo-soothing complex and Ji Xue Cao leaves, which are the key ingredients to reducing skin-generated stress. Continuing to infuse your skin with moisture, get ready for your skin to be dipping into a full-on zen mode.

Price: THB 2,800 

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Need to feed your quench-thirsty skin some food? Philosophy’s formula provides that cool, tingly feeling that makes it quite addicting. Not only is this oil-are moisturiser healthy for all skin types but it improves the signs of ageing and helps restore the skin. Philosophy’s clean-air technology oxygenates, leaving the skin radiant and stronger. Let your skin take a deep breath.

Price: THB 1,550 

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Give your skin the kick it’s been craving. Origins’ oil-free formula is infused with aloe leaf extract, glycerin, jojoba, and shea butter — and also caffeine to tighten your skin. Say bye to breakouts and greasiness that’s been irritating your skin.

Price: THB 1,450 

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If gel-cream were to be a season, they would be spring because rosewater is how your skin is going to bloom. Imbued up with rose flower oil and jojoba oil, this rosewater is nourishing with ingredients like Angelica leaf extract that improves moisture-retention. Keeping your skin calm and cool like its cucumber extract, this rosewater is as refreshing as it can get.

Price: THB 1,750

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