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6 up-and-coming Thai beauty brands that put skin health first

From movements towards more minimal makeup looks and choosing natural ingredients, it looks like Thai beauty brands are adopting a “skin first, makeup second” type of attitude. We’re not complaining – since we’re all going out less and looking after ourselves more, this beauty trend is definitely one that’ll stick around for good. 

Beauty is a balancing act, and these up-and-coming Thai beauty brands know just how to play it when it comes to creating products that enhance your skin both instantly and in the long term. To them, beauty is about doing good – both to ourselves and the planet. Combining their clean ingredients list of natural extracts with youthful and playful colourful branding, these up-and-coming Thai brands are taking the new generation beauty market by storm. 

[Hero/featured image credit: Simpl Skin]

Image credit: Skin Syrup

1. Skin Syrup

With a super eco-friendly and effective ingredients list, Skin Syrup is definitely one for the clean beauty crew. All their ingredients are plant-based and cruelty-free, while their active ingredients are 100% natural extracts such as honey, tamarind, and turmeric. From haircare to foot care, their product range covers you from head to toe in light, creamy, hydrating goodness. It’s all about nourishing your natural features to look and feel their best, rather than covering up with makeup.


Image credit: Mellow Naturals

2. Mellow Naturals

A new luxury natural skincare line that’s founded on the belief that any worthy beauty product should stay away from synthetics and chemicals. Instead, they offer equally effective solutions with their handmade products made from nature-based alternatives that are hand-picked from all around Thailand and Asia. You can shop their skincare line by product type or by your particular skin concern. For example, for hyperpigmentation, opt for their Clarifying Face Serum with Sophora root and Willow Bark that help to accelerate cell renewal.


Image credit: Delicat

3. Delicat

This young and refreshing clean beauty line was founded by two couples that share a passion for safe and effective beauty products. As frequent travellers, they found their sensitive skin was often facing problems caused by environmental aggressors such as changing weather, jet lag, pollution, and unclean water. Delicat is their own solution to combat these issues, using a combination of innovative scientific research and technology to allow their natural active ingredients to work their best magic on your skin. With certified organic ingredients extracted directly from nature to the bottle, Delicat promises a healthy glow and natural radiance no matter what life throws at you.


Image credit: Butter Skincare

4. Butter Skincare

This new generation Bangkok-based skincare brand is instantly recognisable as the next cult beauty brand. Their youthful pastel colour palette and homegrown aesthetic only adds to the wholesome experience of using their handmade, natural products. From toners to face masks, Butter Skincare uses healthy extracts such as red rice as their key ingredients to enhance skin radiance, youthfulness, and freshness. The only thing more ‘grammable than their adorable packaging will be your glowing face.


Image: The Weekend Skin

5. The Weekend Skin

This is a skincare line that’s all about life beyond skin. Their products are based on the brand’s belief in living your life without having to worry about any skin or beauty issues. To provide you with this support, their skincare line focuses on holistic and sustainable solutions that target your specific problem for long-lasting results. Their natural ingredients help to rebuild your skin barrier and prevent returning problems so that you’ll be well-protected while getting out there and enjoying life carefree. 


Image credit: Simpl Skin

6. Simpl Skin

Doing more with less, Simpl Skin’s goal is, well, simple. Using only the cleanest and most necessary ingredients in their skincare products, Simpl Skin encourages minimal beauty as the healthiest kind for your skin. Choose from their various skin “boosts” such as Firm + Plump or Soothe + Strengthen depending on your skin concern, and see how using only a few ingredients makes them so much more effective. With the absence of the 6 common chemicals (parabens, sulfates, mineral oil etc,.), Simpl Skin proves that less really is more. 


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