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The best, most hydrating, most oil-defying serums for combination skin

It can be tricky having combination skin. In some places, you’re dry, and in other places, you’re oily. Luckily, these best serums for combination skin completely understand that.

Everyone has different skin types which require different and good products that need to be incorporated in the daily skincare regimen. And one of those steps of a daily skincare routine that you simply must not avoid is applying a face serum.

Many skincare professionals say that serums are the new moisturisers. Infused with the goodness of useful components such as hyaluronic acid, retinol and vitamin C, there are face serums available for every skin type, including the combination skin. It is a perfect addition to your skincare regime — for day or night — or your makeup kit as a primer.

Maintaining and taking care of combination skin is quite hard since it is a mixture of oily and dry skin, and that is why you need to pick your products very carefully.

A serum that is ideal for combination skin types will help maintain the proper pH balance, control sebum production, as well as hydrate it enough to prevent dryness. Here are a few of the best face serums for combination skin type that you must consider adding in your vanity kit.

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This is a fast-acting serum that is perfect for combination skin. It gives instant effect by retexturing the skin and visibly brightens it after application. It also naturally exfoliates the skin, giving a smoother base.

Applying this serum twice a day reduces the size of pores, boosts radiance, and elevates the moisture in your skin. It comes in a glass bottle which is easily recyclable. Effective against fine lines and wrinkles, the Origins Ginzing Glow Brightening Serum is definitely the best face serum for combination skin you can consider buying.

This advanced serum is enriched with the power of two antioxidants, pure ferulic acid and pure vitamin E, and has an incredibly soothing base that instantly calms the skin. It also forms a protective skin barrier against all environmental factors and keeps itching, rashes, acne, redness and inflammation at bay.

If you have acne prone skin, this product from Lancome is the best face serum to get your hands on. The blend of these two antioxidants helps reduce the visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles and ultimately gives healthier looking skin. The serum formula gets easily absorbed into the skin with the help of a few pats during application.

This face serum by Alpha H has eight active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, that help in keeping the skin hydrated, give it a plump and supple look, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and build up long-lasting moisture in the skin.

A fantastic serum to achieve a youthful-looking complexion, this serum penetrates the surface of the skin and gives it intense hydration. This product is also SLS and paraben-free for better suitability.

This is an ultra-light hydrating serum that is apt for combination with oily skin type. Suffused with the goodness of hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, this serum by Paula’s Choice has skin-restoring properties with the help of its potent antioxidants.

The hyaluronic acid in the serum helps in the skin’s hydration whereas, the niacinamide helps to minimise pores and lighten pigmentation and acne scars. All of it eventually leaving the skin smooth, soft, radiant, and clear. For best results, apply both day and night and watch your fine lines disappear in no time.

A form of vitamin B3, niacinamide in this serum helps in reducing dullness, skin blemishes, dryness, and congestion. The zinc in this serum helps in controlling sebum activity in the skin. And the combination of these is what makes the serum by The Ordinary a helpful skincare product for combination and sensitive skin. For best and fast results, use this serum twice a day before applying heavier creams and let it work its way into your skin.

This serum consists of botanical extracts such as Parsley seed, Panthenol, and grape, which provide complete protection from damage. All of these ingredients mixed together help protect the skin, brighten the complexion, tighten pores, reduce redness, and clarify the skin.

Its aloe vera base makes it excellent for people with combination and sensitive skin. The powerful vitamins present in the serum hydrate the skin to keep it supple, as well as control oil secretion.

This is a skin-soothing serum that is rich in avocado and ceramide that will help soothe out the skin and hydrate it, preventing the redness and irritation caused due to dehydration.

Natural ingredients such as rice milk, avocado, and ceramide are pacifying ingredients that visibly reduce any signs of rash or breakouts on the skin.

The Sunday Riley Retinoid Serum gives you a perfectly fresh skin and radiant glow every day. This product is packed with encapsulated retinoid blends and retinol extracts that burst open on your skin during application and give a flawless skin brightening effect.

This product is ideal for combination skin since it neither dries out your skin nor has an oily effect. The Hawaiian white honey, cactus extract, bisabolol, and ginger soothe the skin, reduce pigmentation and polish your skin for a glowing effect.

Introduce any of these serums in your daily skincare routine to look your best, especially if you have a combination skin. Using a serum, along with a good moisturising cream will help your skin become healthy, radiant and smooth. From serums formulated with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C to niacinamide, make the best choice and give the right boost to your skin today.

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