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The best makeup removers, as per your skin type

While wearing makeup can enhance our features and add that ‘oomph’ factor to our overall look, we all know its downside. At the end of a tiring day, getting rid of all those layers of makeup can be a drag. That’s where makeup removers come in, and yet, their efficacy differs from face to face. Her are the best makeup removers for your skin type.

There are days when you have managed to get most of the makeup off but that heavy matte lipstick or your signature winged liner becomes the actual struggle to take off. Pigmented products cling on to your skin, making you scrub and rinse your face endlessly, which affects your skin’s natural barriers and pH levels. Another problem with using makeup is no matter how lazy or exhausted you are, you can’t go to sleep without taking it off. Leaving it on overnight can wreak havoc on your skin, resulting in a range of skin problems

Fret not. This is what the best makeup removers are for. You’ll be amazed to know the wonders that a makeup remover can do to your skin besides its primary task. From premature ageing and acne breakouts to rashes or irritation, your makeup remover can safeguard your skin from a host of concerns. Additionally, it also helps retain your skin’s natural moisture, making you look radiant. 

If you wish for healthy skin, makeup removal should be a part of your daily skincare regime. It not only washes away cosmetics but also minimises the risk of developing many skin problems. Practising deep cleansing, in fact, rids your pores of excess oil, debris and dead skin cells. Regular massage also stimulates microcirculation, allowing your skin to breathe

Now, if you’re wondering about the side effects, there’s nothing to worry about. The market is flooded with various types of makeup removers that are specially curated with select ingredients to suit different skin types and conditions, be it oily, sensitive, dry, combination, or with or without acne. 

There are plenty of reasons to add makeup removal into your beauty routine. Then why wait? Let’s look at some of the best makeup removers available in the market.

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Best makeup removers as per skin type 

The gel-like texture of this milk cleanser gently penetrates deep into your skin to suck out impurities, leaving it baby-soft. Now that’s something you don’t hear a lot about facial cleansers. It’s safe for use around your eyes and is highly compatible with all skin types as it does not cause excessive sebum production or clog pores.

Dab your skin with La Prairie’s cleansing water from Swiss glaciers and say goodbye to stubborn makeup. Rich in antioxidants, this micellar water not only detoxifies but also soothes your skin to bring back its natural glow. Let your skin feel pristine after cleansing it with this makeup remover! Suitable for normal skin type.

Here’s an exemplary facial cleanser infused with eight essential oils that can do wonders for your skin. Apart from removing impurities, Shu Uemura’s legendary cleansing oil stimulates the renewal of skin cells and adds a dewy glow to your skin. Known for its cashmere-like texture, this cleanser acts as a boon and is suitable for all skin types. 

This Japanese deep cleansing oil is ideal for all skin types. Enriched with the goodness of olive oil and vitamin E, this cleanser by DHC not only wipes off makeup but also hydrates your skin, leaving it soft and supple. Its watery texture melts away dirt and impurities without clogging your pores. A cleansing routine with this oil is equivalent to a relaxing spa. This makes it one of the best makeup removers you can get your hands on.

Wake up to a refreshed and clean skin with Kiehl’s overnight cleansing oil. Enriched with a melange of botanical oils, this cleanser transforms into a cleansing milk-like solution when it comes in contact with water. It sits gently on your skin and helps to wipe off toxins without drying your skin. This magical cleansing oil is perfect for all oily and sensitive skin beauties.

Check out this innovative buttery cleanser by Drunk Elephant. When used with water, it transforms into a milky solution that melts the build-up of dirt on your skin and cleanses it effortlessly. Infused with natural oils and fruit extracts, this product is 100 percent organic and doesn’t cause any irritation after use. If you have dry skin, this is the best makeup remover for you.

No more rinsing and scrubbing off makeup! Try Dior’s micellar milk and watch your makeup melt away. The nourishing properties of oil micelles replenish your skin while eliminating all traces of makeup and dirt. Say hello to a glowing complexion with this Hydra Life cleanser, suitable for all skin types.

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Shiseido Waso Quick Gel Cleanser

Here’s a honey-infused cleansing gel that not only purifies your skin but also prevents skin concerns like the appearance of blemishes. The nourishing properties of honey combined with Royal Jelly extracts reacts wonderfully to your skin, making it soft and clean. Regardless of whether you have oily, dry, combination, normal or sensitive skin, this is the perfect makeup remover for you.

This lightweight, water-based cleanser by Bioderma can be your perfect companion after a long day of grooming your skin with makeup. Just dab a few drops of the Sensibio H2O and wipe off all impurities in just a few minutes. It’s specially formulated to suit sensitive and normal skin and can also be applied over the eyes.

Too tired to rinse off your makeup? Well, here’s a no-rinse cleanser infused with dirt-absorbing micelles to save your day. 

La Roche Posay’s micellar water glides deep between your skin’s layers and gently extracts all the dirt. Clinically tested, this cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin, and eyes along with all other skin types.

Worried about losing your skin’s moisture while cleaning makeup? Well, Neutrogena’s Peruvian Tara Seed-infused facial cleanser gently removes impurities while retaining your skin’s natural moisture. Specially designed for sensitive eye area, this makeup remover does not cause any irritation. Quite the sensitive cleanser, eh?

Looking for a gentle makeup cleanser? You’ll find the right match in Cetaphil’s oil-free makeup remover. Formulated with extracts from aloe vera, ginseng and green tea, this is a mild and soothing cleanser that dissolves all traces of makeup, even the stubborn, waterproof ones. Especially recommended for sensitive skin, this makeup cleanser is safe for use around your eyes.

This is one of the best makeup removal solutions for all skin types. With a fresh, citrusy fragrance, Estee Lauder’s gentle cleanser can easily wipe off even waterproof and long-wear makeup. The best part? Your skin won’t feel oily and sticky afterwards. Now you don’t have to spend much time scrubbing off makeup after a tiring day.

Add a velvety finish to your skin with Clinique’s unique cleansing balm. Let the silky texture of this cleanser work its magic to transform dry skin into glowing, younger-looking skin. 

Formulated with safflower seed oil, this solution gently seeps into your skin to remove makeup seamlessly that otherwise won’t budge. Free of synthetic colours and gluten, this one’s a safe and tested option for all skin types.

Burt’s Bees never fails to surprise you with its groundbreaking products. Unlike any other facial cleanser, Burt’s Bees brings a unique package of cleansing towelettes suitable for all skin types. Treat your skin with the cooling effects of aloe vera and cucumber to feel refreshed while wiping off toxins and dirt.

CeraVe’s deep cleanser cloths do not require you to rinse off makeup. Dab your face gently with these wipes and watch them remove dirt like a pro. And there’s more! The ceramides in these cloths lock in moisture and strengthen your skin’s natural barriers. If you have sensitive skin, CeraVe Makeup Removing Wipes is the perfect pick for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove your makeup step-by-step?

Removers and cleansers make the entire process of getting rid of makeup a lot easier. Take a few drops of your choice of cleanser on a piece of cotton and dab it over your makeup gently. Now, wipe off the makeup in circular motions till all of it has been removed. Once cleansed, remember to massage your face with a mild moisturiser to circulate blood flow and refresh your skin.

How to choose a makeup remover?

When you purchase makeup removers, check for the ingredients and if they suit your skin type.

Why is it important to remove makeup?

Leaving makeup on overnight can clog your pores, leading to the appearance of blemishes and a dull complexion.

Should I use different removers for my face and eyes?

The area surrounding the eyes is much more sensitive compared to the rest of the face. So, it is good to be careful and use gentle removers for the eyes. However, certain makeup removers, such as the Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover, are safe to cleanse both face and eyes.

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