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Why the HARNN X Jirayu Koo set is the best festive gift for your loved ones

As we swing into the holiday season, it’s certainly not too early to start making your wish list. Luckily, we already know what’s going to be on ours.

HARNN has dropped its latest festive collection and it is very, very vibrant. This festive season, HARNN took a colourful approach by collaborating with the illustrator Jirayu Koo to design the exciting new festive collection 2020. 

Meet the HARNN X Jirayu Koo festive set: vivacious, stylish, and beautifying. HARNN is renowned for being Thailand’s first pioneer in body care, skincare, natural spa, and aromatherapy products, which makes it truly special and one-of-a-kind. To give it a magical touch, the talented Jirayu Koo has captured an essence of local life through meaningful motifs and graphics such as boats along the river, transporting flowers and spices in the past, the scenery of the boat rides, and snapping photos en route and along the beautiful rivers. It’s all about cherishing a sense of Thainess and Thai scents with a modern approach. 

Jirayu Koo-amornpattana explains how she was inspired by the local way of living. “Speaking of Thai way of life, I would boldly imagine about the river – because I feel like the river has always been the centre of traditional Thai culture; since Thai people always commute by boat to transport goods and to travel from one place to another. Until today, modern Thai people still mark the rivers as ‘hip travelling spots’, hence, it is common to see the young generation taking photos along their en routes by boat,” she explains.

Given that HARNN has always been associated with extreme benefits that derive from its organic ingredients, it makes perfect sense to gift your loved ones these beautifying products from the Asian artistic artisans themselves. Show your affection by gifting them this absolute must-buy skincare brand which is all about bringing out the inner beauty within you. 

What’s unique about this collection?

Jirayu Koo combines two eras to bring together the picture-perfect festive design. The concept “Reflection of Thai Scent”, with a hint of classic and modern twists, brings a selection of exclusive arrangements under the collaboration which include a total of four sets: ‘Cruise of Love’, ‘Gondola of Wealth’, ‘Barge of Prosperity’ and ‘Ferry of Happiness’. To make it even more personal, the artist has particularly designed tote bags and postcards, too. The ‘Reflection of Thai Scents’ collection features a small set that reflects the concept via hues of bright blue colour and a pinch of red, orange, and light beige to the patterns. 

Cruise of Love

The sweet and uplifting scent of Jasmine just makes this one so refreshing. What’s there to not love about it? The curated skincare set includes the Jasmine Natural Cleansing Gel with certified organic cotton thistle extract, Jasmine Natural Body Lotion with certified organic evening primrose and olive oil, and Jasmine & Pomegranate Hand Cream. 

Gondola of Wealth

There’s nothing better than the satisfaction of having healthy, wealthy skin and HARNN ensures that we feel that way. This beautifying set includes the Oriental Herbs Body Lotion and Oriental Herbs Hand Cream. The aroma of all the herbs combined — including lemongrass, lime, peppermint, and bergamot — evokes a feeling of liveliness. After all, HARNN is bestowed with pure organic ingredients that ensure we treat our skin well.

Barge of Prosperity

 The ‘Barge of Prosperity’ is just like a palette of colourful shades that brings a spirited and playful mix to the selection. The set includes skincare and hair care products like Cymbopogon Body Wash, Cymbopogon Body Soufflé, Cymbopogon Hair Nourishment Shampoo, Cymbopogon Hair Nourishment Conditioner, and Cymbopogon Hand Cream all together. This bundle of prosperity makes an excellent, meaningful festive gift that makes it hard to resist. 

Ferry of Happiness

The floral scent of rose is not only refreshing but it contains extracts that are high in vitamin C and vitamin E, which makes it so moisturising and soft to use. Of course, the anti-inflammatory properties of rose make it a darling for all acne-prone skin types, too. This bundle of happiness includes the Oriental Rose Shower Gel, Oriental Rose Revitalising Shampoo, Oriental Rose Revitalising Conditioner, Oriental Rose Body Balm, and Oriental Rose Hand Balm. Just what you need to revitalise your body and mind before we welcome 2020 in full swing. 

As part of HARNN’s 20th Anniversary, the four exclusive sets are available for purchase in luxurious special festive editions. 

Celebrate HARNN’s 20th Anniversary and fulfil your festive season with Festive Set ‘HARNN x Jirayu Koo’ at HARNN stores, every branch. For more information about HARNN and its lifestyle brands, visit www.harnn.com.

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