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5 products that prove HARNN is a must-buy Thai skincare brand

Essential oils, organic ingredients, natural skincare: there are many reasons why HARNN has been established as an iconic Thai heritage beauty brand. This year, the brand celebrates 20 years of customer love and loyalty. As one of the longest standing natural skincare brands in Thailand, it seems that once you buy a HARNN product you’ll always come back for more. And why wouldn’t you? The brand boasts supreme quality natural ingredients — always organic — that have amazing benefits for not just your skin, but your mental wellbeing too. Luxurious Thai spa oils pair with gorgeous aromatherapy, which is why HARNN customers glow on the inside and out. For Thais and people from all over the world, this is an absolute must buy Thai skincare brand. 

Now, for the special milestone of their 20th anniversary, HARNN are celebrating with their all-time best-selling skincare products. We’ve taken a closer look at these top 5 products to see just why they’ve been so loved and cherished. These chosen products have become world-renowned for skincare excellence, being the first pioneer for organic beauty products in Thailand, and representing the essence of Thai beauty. Natural glow, here we come. 

[All images courtesy of HARNN]

HARNN Oriental Rice Soap Set

The original HARNN product — the ‘Oriental Rice Soap’ is the multi award-winning product that saw HARNN as the Thai skincare brand with the biggest international fame when it launched in 1999. The soap is commonly known as ‘Thailand’s first pioneer in producing rice bran oil soap’, and has received awards from ‘Marie Claire Best Beauty’ to ‘Design Excellence Award’. Its design is inspired by the shape, aroma, and health benefits of rice — at once being a celebration of Thai culture and heritage. Creatively transforming rice into a nourishing scrub, the soap comes in varieties such as ‘Black Rice & Charcoal’, ‘White Jasmine Rice’, and ‘Red Fragrant Rice’.  

HARNN White Mulberry Skin Perfector with SPF

HARNN’s No.1 best-selling product has also received multiple awards, including the ‘Praew Iconic Beauty Award and the ‘Sudsapda Beauty Award’. It’s an ultra-lightweight facial SPF 40/PA+++ sunscreen (a must-have in Bangkok!), with mulberry extracts and a selection of Thai and Asian botanical essences. There’s licorice and turmeric extracts, which have long been used for their skin-brightening properties and effective protection from UVA and UVB rays.


HARNN Jasmine & Pomegranate Hand Cream

Another ‘Best Seller’ product by HARNN and the most popular scent, this hand cream brings a nourishing treatment to the hands by exceptional benefits from natural ingredients including Jasmine Oil, notably a type of flower that represents Thainess, and Pomegranate extract, which is full of Vitamin C and tannin that helps prevent blemishes and wrinkle. The balmy cream also contains Rice Bran Oil and Corn Oil which nourishes the skin so it becomes naturally smooth.


HARNN Oriental Rose Body Oil Spray

It wouldn’t be a Thai skincare brand without body oils. Body oils can sometimes use a lot of effort to apply, but HARNN has solved this problem by making it in a spray form. The lovely oriental rose essential oil aroma makes this both a nourishing body oil and a body scent, offering a lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy texture. It’s amazingly moisturising, and leaves a subtle but long-lasting fragrance on your skin. The body oil contains nourishing richness from Rice Bran Oil, Safflower Oil, Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera extract that calms the skin and keeps it healthy.


HARNN Organic Oriental Rose Facial Mist

Launched just earlier this year, this is actually one of HARNN’s newest products. However, it’s proved amazingly popular and has already received many awards, including being the ‘Best Face Mist’ at Cleo’s ‘Beauty Hall of Fame Awards’. Refreshing, nourishing, and beautifying, this facial mist is extracted from 100% natural rose. Its concept is inspired by local cultures during Songkran festival, which makes this an especially meaningful and unique Thai product. The key ingredient, the ‘Centifolia Rose’ is from the world-renowned fragrance town of Grasse in Southern France. It’s the best way to ensure hydration and refreshment for your body, from your hair to your toes.


As part of HARNN’s 20th Anniversary, these top 5 HARNN products are available for purchase as a set in luxurious special edition packaging. 


Discover the sense of Thai with HARNN’s interpretation of “The New Era of Thainess” and celebrate with the “HARNN 20th Anniversary Set – Best of HARNN”, available at all HARNN stores.

For more information about HARNN and its lifestyle brands, please visit www.harnn.com.

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