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The night time routines of our favourite beauty bloggers

There’s no denying that with the rise of social media, we’ve all started developing a passion for beauty and skincare.

Chances are you weren’t going to buy that rose pink shade lipstick, but your curiosity to know the hype behind that lipstick leads you to watch a video from your favourite beauty blogger. Let’s be honest, between our lunch breaks and weekend brunches, we love nothing more than scrolling through our feeds on social media and checking out makeup tutorials or skincare videos to know what’s cooking in the beauty world. Is it the matte or glossy kind of vibe? Alexa can’t tell, but beauty bloggers sure can do.

To stay in the loop with all the beauty trends, we love following skincare gurus on Instagram, and then heading straight to their YouTube channels to learn a few tricks on getting that eyeliner right, and seeing how they get ready. Even moreso, we love watching how they get unready, too. Scroll ahead for the night time routines of some of our favourites.

[Featured image credit: @architasiri/Instagram; Hero image credit: Ponys Makeup/Facebook]

Bethany Noel Mota 

Let’s just say Bethany is the OG YouTuber who really got us into beauty blogging. Her followers call her the MOTAvator, and we can see why with her morning and night skincare routines. Relatable and quirky, we’re currently watching these on loop. Bethany not only blogs about beauty, but also loves to explore style, fashion, and travel. If you’re anything like us, then while watching Bethany’s night time routine you are just shouting out “that’s what I do, too.” 

Instagram handle: @bethanynoelm

Archita Station

Archita Station is a Thai beauty blogger who became famous when her “How to Makeup” video tutorials on YouTube really hit it off in the beauty world. Her dedication and passion towards makeup led her to curate her own makeup brand — Archita. Her night time routine is a cute one.

Instagram Handle:@architasiri


Nikkie de Jager a.k.a Nikkie Tutorials

Nikkie de Jager, also known as her YouTube channel name NikkieTutorials, is a Dutch makeup artist and beauty blogger. From getting Snoop Dogg to narrate her makeup routines to horoscope makeup challenges and an LED Lights Makeup Challenge, NikkieTutorials always have captivating videos to keep us hooked to her channel. Here’s a dose of Nikkie’s unready video.

Instagram Handle: @nikkietutorials

Lauren Elizabeth

Lauren Elizabeth is a well-known skincare influencer who loves creating videos with real-life scenarios. When she opened up about her battle against depression and anxiety, her audience really felt connected to her on a whole new level. She also happens to be the founder & creative director at XLE label. With PM 2.5 buzzing around our city 24/7, we definitely need some hacks to curing our acne break outs.

Instagram Handle: @laurenelizabeth


K-pop fans, are you listening? Hye-Min Park or ‘Pony’ is a Korean beauty guru well-known for being the makeup artist from the K-pop group 2NE1. Whilst she is very active on Instagram and Youtube, Pony has also released her own makeup line called ‘Pony Effect’. How about a nighttime routine on the flight? Because you need to take care of your skin even in mid-air.

Instagram Handle: @ponysmakeup

Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis is an Australian influencer and is an expert in beauty and skincare. We love her stylish makeup tutorials. Whilst our focus is mainly on her adorable furry friend, her night time routine is quite entertaining to watch, too.

Instagram Handle: @lozcurtis

Zoe Sugg

Zoe Sugg is an English Youtuber who has a knack for beauty and also enjoys having her very own book club. She happens to be the founder of Zoella and the co-founder of filmm app and template app. From reviewing interesting beauty products to autumn kind-of look makeup tutorials, we are ready to see what’s next on Zoe’s channel and have already hit the bell icon. Missing the mulled wine and hot chocolate? Zoe’s winter night time routine will transport you back to the Christmas season.

Instagram Handle: @zoesugg


Alisha Pawa
Alisha is a passionate dancer and is always creating her own choreographies. She is a fan of rom-com novels, a coffee-drinker who loves tea, and is always on-the-go for her midnight chocolate cravings. She hopes to tick-off her never-ending bucket list one day by hosting her own travel show.
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