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Probiotic skincare products you should add to your cleansing ritual now

Fun science fact: your body contains more microorganisms than actual human cells. If that sounds gross to you, don’t worry — this is actually a good thing. Research shows that some of these microbes are essential for promoting your health and even beauty. If you’re in with the latest health trends, you probably know all about gut-friendly “friendly bacteria”, also known as probiotics. But less has been talked about when it comes to using probiotics in skincare. That’s quite surprising, considering probiotics can reinforce your skin’s natural barrier against external stressors, balance your skin’s natural pH levels, and can even protect against skin cancer. They’re like your skin’s very own army of bodyguards.

But here’s a slightly less fun science fact: most facial cleansers and soaps in the market are killing your team of “friendly bacteria”. That’s why truly research-backed cleansers nowadays are starting to feature probiotics in their clean ingredients list more and more. Here in Bangkok, it’s still pretty difficult to find proper probiotic skin care. But we’ve recently turned to Valmont — a luxury skincare brand whose products combine probiotics with Swiss glacial spring water — for more insight into the world of microbiota. With the release of their brand-new “Purity” collection of probiotic cleansers, Valmont has made us fall in love with probiotic skin care even more.

Read on to find out why you need to add probiotic cleansers to your skincare routine.

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Probiotic skincare

Probiotics have long been known as a key player for good health and natural beauty. This eco-system of bacteria, yeast, and other microbes gather to form pretty much another full-fledged organ in your body. Probiotic skin care products are important because they help to promote a healthy and balanced microbiota.

“Healthy skin requires a highly diverse multitude of microbial species”, say the pharmaceutical experts at Valmont, specialists in luxury probiotic skin care. “When ‘friendly bacteria’ are stronger and more numerous, they can fill up all the space in our skin and block the development of pathogens and opportunistic germs.” When your skin’s got healthy probiotics, this optimises its healing rate and its protective shields against bad bacteria. Doing that significantly dials down inflammation, premature ageing, and acne.

Probiotic skincare

There’s every reason to feature probiotic skincare in our daily routines. Valmont’s new ‘Purity’ cleansers combine Swiss glacial spring water and selected probiotics to help your skin’s natural ecosystem flourish. With its incredibly rich mineral content, the soft Swiss glacial water helps to energise your skin and promote physiological balance. Being a lot softer than the other “hard” Alpine waters, the composition of this glacial spring water makes it perfect when used in face cleansers.

But Valmont’s probiotic skincare takes it to another level. “Good” bacteria also needs specific nutrients to grow. So Valmont’s cleansers also factor in “prebiotics” in the form of Yacon — a Peruvian ground apple that fosters the growth of skin-enhancing bacteria.

probiotic skincare

Valmont have helpfully released their probiotic skincare products in several textures to suit different skin types. From gels to milks, see our guide below to find out which texture fits your skin’s needs the most.



Texture: Jelly

A one-step makeup remover, moisturiser, and primer — this cleansing jelly is perfect for the busy modern woman. You skin is left immaculately makeup-free, supple, and comfortable.

probiotic skincare


Texture: Cream

Once it touches the skin, this cleanser’s velvety cream texture transforms into a very fine oil to dissolve impurities. It’s an indulgent cleansing product that’s suited for heavy makeup users. Radiant skin afterwards is guaranteed.

probiotic skincare


Texture: Foam

A gentle and easy-to-use product that should be a basic staple for any woman. Your skin is coated with a silky cloud that cleanses the epidermis without removing its natural protective barriers. Rest assured: even though it’s a foam texture, the BUBBLE FALLS contains absolutely no sulfates.


Texture: Water

Super refreshing and comforting, the water-based cleanser and toner is an incredibly easy solution for women to quickly remove makeup. All you need is a cotton pad; no need to tone or rinse.


Texture: Milk

A light emulsion for a gentle daily cleanse. The milky texture is highly nourishing and moisturising, making this one an excellent choice for those who tend to have dry skin.


Valmont is available for purchase at the Paris Spa at Alma Link on Chidlom. Make a visit to the spa for a Valmont cleansing facial with authorised and experience hands only. For more information, please visit valmontcosmetics.com.

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