Whilst we’re all for unisex cosmetics and can agree that a sunburn has no gender, sunscreen for men is actually a thing — and an important one at that.

As more men begin to take more care of their skin, sunscreen has become one of the biggest key players in their grooming routine. Especially during the hottest season of the year, it’s extremely important to stay protected from harmful rays.

But couldn’t you just snag your girlfriend’s sunscreen?

Yes and no. Whilst sunscreen for the face is invariably a unisex grooming product, there’s no denying that a man’s face may have particular and distinct needs. Consider beards and a shaving routine. Consider thicker skin. Consider tougher texture. In general and as a whole, both the skincare routine and the skin itself of a man are completely different to that of a woman.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best sunscreen for men on the market. Whether you’re looking for SPF50+ or just a quick all-in-one moisturiser, there’s something for every handsome face here. Fret not: we also included a few unisex options too, in case you want to share, or in case you prefer it genderless.

[Featured Image Credit: Ron Lach/Pexels; Hero Image Credit: Jaxon Lane]


Jaxon Lane has really made its mark when it comes to skincare for men. We love their products for their cool branding, and this Rain or Shine sunscreen is no different. Lightweight and non-greasy, it is infused with Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, green tea, liquorice root, and ginseng. This makes it very calming for the skin and useful in any situation — come rain or come shine.

Best for: All-rounder
Price: Approx. THB 1323/60ml

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Clinique’s Super Energizer is not only designed to protect you from the sun’s rays, but it aims to combat fatigue, too. It does this by energising the skin with “12 hours of hydration and anti-fatigue power.” Almost like a superhero, it’s sweat-resistant and humidity-resistant as well, which makes it ideal for these rainy season months in Bangkok.

Best for: If you’re not a morning person
Price: THB 1980/48ml

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It’s hard to find a beauty blog that isn’t raving about La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios line, and the credit supports the claim. With a very high protection, this sunscreen is a unisex product and is suitable to all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It uses the La Roche-Posay thermal spring water as one of its ingredients, which is extremely soothing and features antioxidant properties.

Best for: Island-hoppers and Watersport lovers
Price: THB 1300/50ml

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For when you just can’t be bothered to spread sunscreen all over your face, use this stick instead. Shiseido Men makes this multi-protective sunscreen on a stick, using Japanese camellia oil as its key ingredient, alongside bergamot and bamboo blends. The UV protector was also formulated to protect against pollution, which makes it a fab item to carry when you’re out and about.

Best for: Stylish urbanites with little time
Price: THB 981/20g

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Anthony Skincare makes skincare for men easy to understand. Their Day Cream combines both moisturiser and sunscreen into one, with a lightweight and quick-absorbing formula. It’s made with Squalene and Glycerin for extra moisture. Whilst it has a lower SPF than many others on this list, it’s a good option for every day — even days when you don’t leave the house.

Best for: Casual everyday
Price: Approx. THB 1730/90ml

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Combatting both harmful sun rays and pollution, the Clarins Men UV Plus sunscreen aims to fight pollutants and protect from UV damage. Designed for urbanites specifically, it’s formulated with tocopherol for extra protection, and is best used after your regular moisturiser.

Best for: Busy days around town
Price: THB 1660/50ml

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This lightweight sunscreen for men by Elemis not only protects against UVA and UVB rays, but is also designed to protect against blue light. An extremely relevant issue especially now, the creamy formula contains the Elemis Enviro-Age Complex, and thereby aims to reduce signs of environmental ageing. Many also use this as a base for makeup, if you’re a man who loves a bit of foundation, too.

Best for: Anyone addicted to their smartphone
Price: THB 2300/40ml

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Ending our list with a cult millennial favourite, Supergoop! makes several unisex sunscreens, and this Everyday Lotion is a great one to start with. It has a fast-absorbing, non-greasy, and water- and sweat-resistant formula, and is designed to protect and nourish. Made using natural extracts from citrus and basis, it also has a very pleasant scent — something that is not too common in sunscreens just yet.

Best for: Millennials with an eye for trends
Price: THB 790/71ml

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