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4 gentle milk cleansers to soothe your sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can cause real problems especially when it comes to face wash.

Face washes are an essential first step that your regimen needs, yet plenty of those available on beauty store shelves tend to contain abrasive ingredients that already strip what little moisture your skin has, leaving your complexion feeling taut after each rinse.

With the availability of milk cleansers, however, you no longer have to suffer the same plight.

Milk cleansers are not a new innovation, but they are rarely as acknowledge as their foamy counterpart. Created from an emulsion of water and fat, this ultra-hydrating cleanser option actually hydrates your skin during a wash as it removes dirt and residual makeup. It is also one of the most gentle face wash types there is, so adopt a milky cleanser if you haven’t yet. It’ll do wonders for your sensitive skin.

Here are our favourites.

[Hero Image Credit: Aesop; Featured Image Credit: Fresh Cosmetics]

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Fresh’s soy range has a massive following for good reason. The cleanser, especially, is ultra-light and easy on the skin. It doesn’t foam, which means it doesn’t contain harmful sulfates. The cleanser also is very emollient, leaving your skin feeling nourished after each wash. For those with chronically dry skin, this is a good bet.


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Milky cleansers appeal also because of how they can be used as a makeup remover, and if it’s that function that attracts you to the product, then get the Guerlain Lait de Beaute. This silken formula melts all your makeup away as you work it effortlessly into your skin, and you feel extra fresh after. It even delivers against waterproof makeup, which is hard to come by.

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Shiseido’s Extra Rich Cleansing Milk is not only hydrating, but it promises to protect your skin from losing moisture as the day continues. Beyond that, the product also has an enjoyable sensorial aspect, because it does lather up nicely unlike most cleansers of the type.

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Using anything from Aesop makes you feel like you’re in a spa, and their latest Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk is no exception. Fortified with botanicals such as lavender and sandalwood, as well as plant oils that strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier, this is the one milk cleanser you need to make every face wash session feel like a complete treat.

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