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The 7 best tea tree oils to fight acne at home

With a growing preference for natural skincare, many people are turning to tea tree oil as a home remedy for acne.

Thanks to its marvellous anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is a favourite acne remedy for many who suffer from various skin issues. Just a few drops are enough work magic on your skin. Whether you opt for an organic tea tree oil or a concoction blended with skin-loving superfoods, it’s a skincare essential that you cannot afford to miss. Here, we’ve curated a list of tea tree oils to fight acne and that you can easily order online.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Sunday Riley via Facebook]

The Sunday Riley U.F.O Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil is a fast-absorbing oil with 1.5% salicylic acid that eradicates acne, prevents blackhead-causing build-up, and unclog the pores. The combination of tea tree and black cumin seed oil will keep your skin smooth, bright, and blemish-free.

[Image Credit: Sunday Riley]

THB 1,380 (15ml)

The Plantnery Tea Tree Oil Acne Spot is highly concentrated in Terpinen-4-OL, a bioactive component that plays a vital part in inhibiting bacterial growth. It’s an excellent remedy for redness and skin irritation, and it balances excess sebum production too. Use with caution: this one is a 100% concentrate.

[Image Credit: Plantnery]

THB 490 (10ml)

You’re missing out if Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is not on your to-shop list. It’s one of the brands that springs to mind when it comes to quality tea tree oil and doesn’t contain any hard ingredients. It is said to also keep para-cymene to a minimum to reduce the risks of skin allergies as well.

[Image Credit: Thursday Plantation]

THB 360 (10ml)

Small in size, big on power. Thanks to its purifying properties, The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil is a holy grail for blemished and troubled skin, even after all these years and many new tea tree oil products on the market. It gets rid of oily skin patches and gives you clear and refreshed skin. It is perfect for daily use.

[Image Credit: The Body Shop]

THB 290 (10ml)

The lightweight LITHZ Tea Tree Oil provides a cooling sensation to soothe your troubled skin. It promotes a fast-healing process for any type of acne without leaving a greasy residue. Moreover, it’s free of parabens, SLS, and alcohol, and it’s safe for women in all phases of pregnancy to use.

[Image Credit: LITHZ]

THB 349 (10ml)

You have to check out this Amouriq Australian Tea Tree Essential Oil if you want to get the most out of the tea tree oil benefits. It’s extracted entirely from steam distillation and is 100% organic. In addition, it works well for all kinds of aromatherapy, too.

[Image Credit: Amouriq]

THB 389 (10ml)

Are breakouts hindering your confidence? No big deal, SKINPLANTS Organic Tea Tree Oil will be your confidence booster. Proving that tea tree oil has uses that go beyond the skin, this oil can also be used to revive hair gloss and cure dandruff, too.

[Image Credit: SKINPLANTS]

THB 225 (5ml)
The 7 best tea tree oils to fight acne at home

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