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10 yoga Instagram accounts to follow for motivation

Yoga is not only a form of exercise, for many it’s a way of life.

It is a discipline followed by millions around the world and has a day dedicated to it. If you are thinking of taking it up and looking for inspiration, Instagram is one of the best places to find like-minded people.

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Yoga Instagram
These yoga Instagram accounts will help you get started on your wellness and fitness journey. (Image: wee lee/@weelee/Unsplash)

You will come across beginners and professionals alike who share wisdom, perform asanas and guide you on how to perfect them, along with some personal moments and stories.

Here are 10 yoga Instagram accounts to follow for the motivation you need to begin.

Yoga Practice



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A post shared by Yoga Practice (@yogapractice)

Clearly explained yoga poses through pictures and videos of yoga practitioners is perhaps why 2.4 million people follow this handle. Merely going through the feed will help you understand much of what it is all about, besides giving a sort of a crash course on how to do the asanas correctly and in a step-by-step manner. So you get to learn the advanced kapotasana, power yoga moves and even do a perfect handstand.

On their official website, Yoga Practice has guides, tips for both beginners and advanced practitioners as well as articles on philosophy, spirituality and yoga practices. You will learn how kirtan (Hindu devotional singing) is helpful for yoga, how to open chakras, what is Thai yoga, and the laws of karma among many other insightful lessons.

Yoga Girl



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A post shared by Rachel Brathen (she/her) (@yoga_girl)

Rachel Brathen is the person behind this amazing Instagram account, where you will find everything from yoga poses to pictures and videos of her adorable daughter. The feed offers an honest window to her personal life, beliefs and yoga practices. Brathen spreads the message that discipline is for all and that before healing the world, one has to heal oneself. You can also take a deep dive into yoga with her through the Yoga Girl website, which is a portal completely dedicated to improving your lifestyle through videos, guides, podcast and even horoscope by astrologer Debra Silverman.

Brathen also runs Yoga Girl Foundation, which is dedicated to helping women and children in need, and an animal rescue foundation in Aruba known as Sgt. Pepper’s Friends.




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A post shared by Yoga (@yoga)

This is one of the most famous Instagram accounts dedicated to the discipline. The entire feed is full of people from around the world doing yoga. You will get to see almost all types of asanas and in all kinds of settings — indoors or outdoors.

The account is quite inspirational as not only does it focus entirely on the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga but also gives a peek into the lives of people from the ghats of Varanasi to the mountainous regions in Peru and from Brooklyn Bridge in New York City to the Sahara desert in Africa. The posts in this feed are like a journey through the world with yoga.

Adriene Louise



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A post shared by Adriene Mishler (@adrienelouise)

The account is handled by Adriene Mishler, an actress-turned-yoga teacher who has quickly become one of the most famous names in this field. Mishler began sharing yoga lessons on YouTube, on which she has millions of subscribers. On her Instagram, she shares yoga practices for all ages and body shapes. You will also catch glimpses of her personal life, beautiful flowers, trips to breathtaking places and pictures of her cute dog Benji. She also uses the platform to extend her support for the Black Lives Matter movement and human rights.

For more content from her, the next stop is her official website. Mishler wants to make sure that this immensely useful discipline should be accessible for all, and that’s why the video tutorials on her site can be accessed free of cost. She has also co-founded the subscription app Find What Feels Good, which is also dedicated to yoga.

Laura Kasperzak



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A post shared by Laura Kasperzak (@laurasykora)

Kasperzak can handstand her way in and out of a Jeep. And you can see her doing that in two different Instagram posts. It seems like a cakewalk when she does it but Kasperzak, a trained gymnast and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) instructor, has been practising yoga for around 20 years. Now an instructor, she has been teaching the discipline for the last few years. She specialises in Acrovinyasa, which is a mix of vinyasa and acroyoga.

Her Instagram account is full of energy and family. You can follow her fitness regimen and her hilarious moments with Thor, her great Dane. But what will certainly inspire you to get on the yoga mat is her little daughter who sometimes practices with her. Kasperzak also takes yoga classes and workshops, details of which can be accessed on her official site.

Kino Yoga



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A post shared by Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga)

For around 20 years, Kino MacGregor has been practising the art of yoga. Her experience led her to author books on the discipline and co-found the Miami Life Center and Omstars, a yoga centre and an online community, both dedicated to teaching and spreading awareness about the discipline.

MacGregor is a specialist in Ashtanga yoga, a form she has been practising for 17 years and certified to teach by the discipline’s founder, the late K Pattabhi Jois of India.

Her Instagram exudes positivity along with focussing on fitness. She shares pictures of her performing asanas and correcting the postures of her students and shares information about her podcast, workshops and live classes. Occasionally, there are personal posts — with her husband Tim Feldmann, who is a yoga practitioner as well.




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A post shared by Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl)

As the account handle suggests, you will see its owner Kerri Verna performing perfect yoga asanas on the beach with sun, sand and sea serving as the backdrop.

However, that’s not the only location that features in her posts. Verna has been teaching yoga and Pilates, along with personal training, for 19 years. So, you will also come across tutorial videos and images shot indoors showing techniques and ways to learn various poses.

You will find more information about her style on her official website. You can take free classes, challenges and read her blog, where she shares her life experiences and struggles such as how she quit smoking.

Alo Moves



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A post shared by Alo Moves (@alomoves)

This is the Instagram account of the renowned online yoga platform where some of the best yoga instructors impart lessons to eager practitioners around the world. The account has everything anyone who is into yoga or mindful living would want. The feed reaffirms that yoga is for all, irrespective of race, body size, age or gender.

The account, which is an extension of athleisure brand Alo Yoga, also advocates for and spreads awareness about important matters such as the Rainforest Alliance, #StopAsianHate and supporting India with medical oxygen to combat COVID-19.

Liv Lo Golding


Golding is a yoga instructor and Taiwanese TV presenter. Famous for her low-impact workout program, FitSphere, she has been instrumental in merging yoga with weight training and HIIT. Her devotion to yoga has been immense. A practitioner for the last 15 years, she has taken three teacher trainings, conducted boot camps, made fitness videos for her YouTube channel and taken numerous classes. Her official FitSphere site contains articles and videos on wellness, environment, fitness, family, food and her interviews.

Her Instagram account is a reflection of her passion for yoga — from doing stretches in the morning at home to training with others in her class. She also shares glimpses of her personal life, which includes sweet moments with her husband, Malaysian-British actor Henry Golding, and daughter.



Based in India, Deepika Mehta is a yoga teacher and professional fitness expert. She has been practising Ashtanga yoga for almost 20 years and you can see her perform many asanas on her Instagram feed. In her posts, while she shows how to correctly perform a pose, she also shares the benefits.

10 yoga Instagram accounts to follow for motivation

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