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The best crystals to manifest love (and how to use them for healing)

Rose quartz crystal is considered one of the best crystals to wear everyday as it attracts unconditional love or even self-love. Let’s see what other crystals may be perfect for your manifestations.

Beautiful, passionate and heartwarming but also cold, cruel and unyielding at times — love is a complicated emotion. This tender emotion is the basis of the strongest of bonds, and while it is not pleasant to experience heartbreak, love is pretty inescapable. Love often happens when logic fails. Even the most practical person cannot reason out with matters of the heart and ends up leaving it to destiny mostly. Absolutely wonderful while it lasts and cloyingly frustrating when challenged, we often wish we had some control over this intense, all-encompassing emotion. And, here the power of manifestation comes to play with the help of the best crystals for love, that can be worn everyday too.

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What is manifestation?

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Image: Courtesy Edz Norton/Unsplash

Manifestation simply works on the law of attraction. It means consciously as well as subconsciously focusing only on the things which support the idea of how we want our life to be. The narrative is that thoughts become actions and actions become our living reality. It is believed that our thoughts, experiences and expectations are powerful vehicles to turn our desires into reality.

While critics are utterly dismissive of this theory, there are a few studies that provide some evidence that people who successfully harbour positive thoughts and work on manifestation are happier and more successful than the people who don’t. One can account for this as a placebo effect if nothing else.

How are crystals used to manifest love?

best crystal to wear everyday
Image: Courtesy Emily Bauman/Unsplash

Healers as well as therapists across the globe swear by the healing and spiritual power of crystals. Most of their theories work on the principle of energy which the crystal specialists believe encompasses the whole of the universe. It is said that everything in this Universe is made up of sub-atomic particles of energy and our thoughts carry vibrations which have the power to attract our desires. In short, manifesting works on the mantra what you seek is seeking you.

Crystals are said to be self-growing life forms. The crystal grid has the power to match vibrational frequency with the energy around you with its inherent electric charge known as piezoelectricity. A positive energy field is created for the individual using the crystal hence, enriching their quality of life.

Research on crystal therapy is still on but it could be worth trying, of course supplementing it with constructive efforts from our end and keeping our expectations realistic.

How to use these crystals to harness their full power?

best crystal to wear everyday
Image: Courtesy of Dani Costelo/Unsplash

Depending on the crystal you choose and for the purpose it has been acquired, it could be worn as a body ornament or even kept in your home surroundings. Many Vastu Shastra and feng shui specialists suggest a bowl of holy crystals be kept in different corners or directions of the house to attract prosperity, love and peace.

One can even meditate with the crystals or set an intention and write down your desire. Some therapists also recommend taking a few deep breaths and placing the crystal in hand before saying the intention out loud and imagining that it already is a reality. This evokes a spiritual power to bring peace to your overall being.

Things to remember before using your crystal

It is very important to cleanse your crystal of all negative energies before you use it. After having ethically sourced your bauble, make sure to clean it with salt and water. The use of incense, sage or palo is also commonly used to cleanse stones, depending on their structure and type. So go ahead, choose the best crystal to wear everyday, as per your requirement.

Here are some of the best crystals to evoke love

Rose quartz is also known as the love stone. Pink in colour, this powerful stone aptly depicts the feelings of love and romance. It is soothing and can especially help if one is nursing a broken heart. Typically used in a ring, this stone can attract a lot of calm energy and keep your nerves at bay. The best part about rose quartz is that it is versatile. The pink love crystals work wonders to attract love but are also fulfilling for those who want to go deep into self-care. Feeling unlucky in love? Get this stone to give you that much-needed comfort in these trying times.

Image: Courtesy Susanna Marsiglia/Unsplash

This stone which is of an earthy green colour directly activates the heart chakra which is a region surrounding the chest near the breastbone to be precise. Its gentle energy heals, balances and opens up your heart to the right kind of people. This stone also signifies the physical well-being of a person. It is also said that mature people who are looking for love at a later stage in life should invest in this crystal.

Image: Courtesy Tiny Rituals/Unsplash

Having a bit of trouble regarding physical relationships or unable to find a partner matching your unbridled sensual energy? Then this fierce stone is an answer to all your woes related to physical intimacy. This crystal has an orangish tint and symbolises life itself. This stone works on our root and sacral chakra. Hence, one can relate it to passion and a good sex life. This stone is also recommended for women trying to conceive as it aids fertility.

This stone is beneficial for a person’s overall health and great self-esteem as well.

Image: Courtesy of Anton Maksimov/Unsplash

4 /10

This regal bauble is everything regal, right from its rich appearance to its function. Ruby is a must-have crystal if you are trying to evoke flames of passion with your loved one. Again, this crystal too activates your root chakra and strengthens your self-confidence. You can make your sensational presence felt in your relationship with this regal crystal.

Image: Courtesy Joshua Fuller/Unsplash

Are you caught up in complex emotions which are blocking you from meeting the love of your life? Then this pinkish-white crystal is an answer to your needs. Open your heart and sort out your myriad of confusing thoughts to finally be ready to accept the love you truly deserve. The best facet of rhodochrosite is that it heals you from within and gives you a very strong sense of self.

Image: Courtesy Benjamin Lehman/Unsplash

6 /10

This calming opaque blue stone is used to ease communication between the partners. This stone helps you bring up difficult emotions or past hurtful experiences with your partner without being brash or aggressive. It promotes peace in a relationship, eases tension and helps remove feelings of jealousy and anger towards the partner.

Image: Courtesy Hasan Almasi/Unsplash

This calm green stone also works on heart chakra. If you are someone looking for a fresh start, then this is the stone for you. Healing from a bad breakup, trying to find love again or renewing a relationship with your partner after a bad altercation — this stone’s healing properties will help you in every way. A special quality of this stone is that you will be more compassionate towards the situations and people around you and manifest a healthy relationship for you.

Image: Courtesy Reitawood/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0/WikiCommons

8 /10

Diamonds are forever. This isn’t just an adage or a marketing gimmick but there is a strong reason why this stone is a number one choice when it comes to engagement rings. Why do people like to seal their romantic relationships with a diamond? Because a bond cemented by a diamond is everlasting and promotes a deep connection between the partners.

Image: Courtesy Sabrianna/Unsplash

9 /10

Emerald is called the crystal of true love because it brings the wearer a lot of love and luck in their romantic lives. It is said that planet Mercury rules this stone and hence success in love life is guaranteed upon the usage of this stone. Many recommend using it to get old love back or to improve their existing relationship or marriage.

Image: Courtesy Girl With Red Hat/Unsplash

10 /10

This wonder crystal is formed after the cooling down of the volcanic glass. It is a rare variety of igneous rock which has great potential in protecting our fickle minds after an earth-shattering fight with a loved one. The crystal is said to form a protective layer around you and guard you from the inner demons of hate, spite and despite.

Image: Courtesy of Anton Maksimovic/Unsplash

The best crystals to manifest love (and how to use them for healing)

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