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10 of the best online workout subscription services to try in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our lives in several ways. This change has led us to resort to exercising from the privacy and safety of our homes. With easy access to online workout subscriptions, you can enjoy virtual and on-demand personalised workout sessions that will keep you in shape.

Have a look at some of the most engaging, informative and stream-worthy workout subscription services that will keep you motivated and spirited while sweating it out.

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Image Credit: Alo Moves

TA Online Studio

If you wish to try an unconventional yet fun workout with an acclaimed celebrity trainer, then the Tracy Anderson Online Studio should be your pick. Anderson’s clientele includes celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Robert Downey Jr., who are hooked on to the scientifically-backed TA method of working out.

Along with live classes and private consultations, it features strategically designed regimes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels across many types of workouts, including cardio and dance.

You can sign-up for a 14-day free trial along with a monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription.

Cost: US$ 90 or 3,002 THB per month; US$ 808.50 or 26,972 THB per year.
Type: Live fitness cardio, mat work and dance classes.

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online workout subscription
Image Credit: Peloton


Designed for cycling and fitness enthusiasts, Peloton is amongst the cult classic workout subscription services that offer videos and audio-only content to stream whenever you want.

They offer interactive workouts that can seamlessly fit into your schedule. Along with strength, running, yoga, meditation, Pilates, barre and cardio, avail Peloton’s workout metrics to track your progress.

There is no need for any heavy equipment to start your virtual workout. You can filter the workouts according to intensity, fitness levels, bodyweight, instructors and much more.

Choose from its other facilities like customising total body workouts, interacting with the community on the Leaderboard, taking on fitness challenges, and purchasing treadmills and bikes for your home gym.

Sign up to start with the 30-day free trial.

Cost: US$ 12.99 or 432 THB per month.
Type: Dedicated cycling workouts.

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Image Credit: Peloton

Obé Fitness

New York City’s top instructors will help you train and stay motivated to make the most of your fitness journey. With 6,000+ on-demand workouts and 15 class types for every style, difficulty level and signature workouts, Obé fitness can be accessed via phone, laptop, TV or a tablet.

You can start the free trial and choose from various workout classes — dance, HIIT, cardio boxing, sculpt, Pilates, meditation, vinyasa yoga, yoga sculpt, barre, bounce and strength training, among others.

With an array of workout options, which are 10 to 60 minutes long, Obé’s sessions are a brilliant choice for busy professionals.

Cost: US$ 27 or 900 THB per month; US$ 200 or 6,672 THB per year.
Type: Quick 10-minutes to extensive 60-minutes workouts.

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Image Credit: Obe Fitness


With a variety of dedicated workouts, Glo not only strengthens your body but also boosts your mental well-being. With extensive classes in yoga, meditation and Pilates, its workout sessions include 16 styles suited for all levels of fitness. It also offers 4,000+ on-demand classes by world-class instructors.

You can get your practice personalised and try a free seven-day trial first. Avail lectures and classes on mindfulness by professional yoga teachers and scholars from around the globe — you can also download them.

Choose from over 300 beginner-friendly yoga classes or practice in real-time with a steady lineup of live sessions.

Besides, you can also go for strength and conditioning workouts that involve cardio fusion, yoga with weights, mat Pilates and much more to support your individual fitness goals.

Cost: US$ 18 or 600 THB per month; US$ 162 or 5,404 THB per year.
Type: Yoga, Pilates and mediation

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Image Credit: Glo

Alo Moves

Offering several types of workouts, Alo Moves is designed for everyone and classes can be sorted according to different levels of fitness and skill — beginner, moderate, intermediate and advanced.

You can enjoy virtual yoga retreat sessions filmed in Mexico with fitness trainers, join celebrity trainers and supermodels for quick compound workouts or do a sweaty HIIT session at Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon with experienced instructors.

Alo Moves is like taking a virtual vacation while working out. You can go for a 14-day free trial before committing to a membership plan.

Cost: US $20 or 667 THB per month; US$ 199 or 6,550 THB per year.
Type: Community-based workouts ranging from Pilates to yoga and meditation.

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online workout subscription
Image Credit: Alo Moves

Fitness First Thailand

Fitness First Thailand is a subsidiary of one of the leading fitness centres in the world, Fitness First, which was launched in 1993. It offers a range of workouts that cater to the needs of every fitness enthusiast. You can select the desired workout depending on motivation, intensity and complexity levels.

Join the Virtual Studio and avail on-demand classes along with different styles of workouts like core flow, dynamic flow, HIIT X Rush, Zumba, cyberobics, yoga and strength training.

Additionally, they have dedicated online workout sessions for kids and pregnant women.

Cost: 89 THB or 59 THB for members.
Type: Freestyle, personal and group training workouts.

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online workout subscription
Image Credit: Alo Moves

Booya Fitness

If you love pumping through total body sweaty workout sessions, then Booya fitness is one of the best online workout subscription services for you. You can enjoy a range of fun and groovy workouts, such as Pilates, cardio kickbox, HIIT, barre, and Bollywood and Jazz dance.

They also offer extensive prenatal workouts and a variety of customised fitness plans, including a 28-day clean eating challenge, 7-day total-body training and 8 weeks until the aisle programme. Most of their workouts require only a yoga mat and a resistance band.

You can sign up to get unlimited access to their entire workout library and stream videos.

Cost: US$ 9.99 or 332 THB per month; US$ 26.99 or 887.43 THB for three months; US$ 99.99 or 3,287.67 THB per year.
Type: High energy cardio and strength training.

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Image Credit: Absolute You

Absolute You

With online workout classes in Thai and English, Absolute You offers yoga, Pilates and rhythmic cycling workouts across all fitness levels. They also have personalised programmes designed exclusively to meet your fitness objectives.

You can access over 200 online yoga classes from experienced instructors, along with 15-minutes mat Pilates, yoga de-stress, and F.I.T. lower body and abs workouts for target areas.

Book a session from their monthly, quarterly or special price packages for eight months.

Cost: 1,200 THB for a month; 1,888 THB for eight months.
Type: Yoga and Pilates.

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Image Credit: Peloton

Apple Fitness Plus

Get access to a comprehensive workout library with 10 main workout types, including HIIT, Pilates, yoga and dance, with Apple Fitness Plus. However, you will need an Apple Watch to avail the service.

The workouts are great for beginners as well as for advanced learners with top-notch instructors belonging to diverse backgrounds and of ranging ages and body types. You can utilise the vitals and calorie tracking feature on your Apple watch in every class.

Another notable and newly rolled out feature is called Time to Walk. It is great for those who like to take long walks. While they listen to inspirational podcasts, the Apple Watch keeps track of the number of steps.

You can sign up for a free one-month trial and can stream workouts on Apple TV or other iOS devices.

Cost: US $9.99 or 332 THB per month.
Type: Comprehensive workouts for all fitness levels.

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Image Credit: P.volve


The workouts at P.volve are geared to tone and sculpt your body while improving flexibility. Their engaging exercises include dynamic joint movements with a resistance band to work your muscles and train your entire body.

Women can choose the postnatal and pelvic floor strengthening workouts. Once you subscribe to the virtual workout programme, you will have access to foundational moves to maximise your workout. You can start their 14-day free trial and access their live virtual studio with hundreds of workout plans.

Cost: $19.99 or 664 THB per month; 179.99 or 5,983 THB per year.
Type: Sculpting and toning workouts.

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10 of the best online workout subscription services to try in 2021

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