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7 luxurious hand-sanitisers that keep you bacteria-free

The onset of the Coronavirus has spurred a country-wide scramble for masks and sanitisers, and it’s more pertinent than ever to stay germ-free.

According to research from the University of Colorado, the average person has about 150 different species of bacteria on their hands that are invisible to the naked eye. We use our hands for everything — from typing away at the computer and working out to holding our cutlery and washing our faces — which is what makes this statistic even more alarming. Though a regular soap and water wash can help to cleanse our fingers, the most convenient and effective way to ensure a thorough bacteria cleanse is to use hand sanitizers.

Yet, not many like to carry a bottle of hand sanitisers around. The idea of carrying a pink or purple coloured square bottle in a terrible font is honestly appalling, and the sterile, alcohol-heavy scent is quite the turn-off too. We’ve put together a list of luxurious formulas for you to slather on that don’t make you feel like a teenaged girl carrying a lurid bottle.

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Suede Rinse-free hand wash from Byredo

Byredo’s version of sanitisation smells nothing like a hospital. One drop of the alcohol-based rinse-free hand wash is all you need to smell clean and fresh, as well as remove your hands from any sort of bacteria. The suede scent is an elegant combination of pear, bergamot and lily of the valley, which transforms to a gentle muskiness of velvet and amber throughout the day. Those who are not a fan of this scent can also choose between the Tulipmania, Rose and Vetyver scents from the same Rinse-free Hand Wash line. At 30 millilitres per tube, the sleek black packaging is a classy addition that fits in any bag.


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Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash from Aesop

Fans of Aesop should know that the brand is amazing at concocting moisturising yet beautifully scented products. Their Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash is an alcohol-based gel formula that rids one of the germs while still keeping us moisturised. The gel is made with hydrating properties, and keeps the skin clean with scents of mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedarwood atlas.


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Margaret Dabbs London Hand Sanitiser

Some hand sanitisers can feel like they strip your skin of all nutrients, but the one from Margaret Dabbs is a hydrating formula that leaves your hands smooth and silky. Coupled with anti-bacterial properties, its secret ingredient is the skin-strengthening emu oil, which is a potent source of essential fatty acids crucial for maintaining skin elasticity and resilience. The formula is also made with white water lily extracts to retain precious moisture as well.


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Lavender Hand Sanitiser from Dr Bronner

Those with sensitive skin may look for organic hand sanitisers instead. Regular sanitisers contain a plethora of chemicals that not everyone is used to. Dr Bronners’s Lavender Hand Sanitiser is a great organic alternative, suitable for all skin types and ages. It contains only four simple ingredients: organic ethyl alcohol, water, organic lavender oil, and organic glycerin, that do the work of killing bacteria just as effectively as other hand sanitisers.


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Jao Hand Refresher

Jao Hand Refresher is an instant disinfectant and aromatherapy boost that comes in both spray and gel formulas. The award-winning sanitiser is made with ethyl alcohol and a mixture of the company’s very own blend of antiseptic essential oils. These include lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium, sage, chamomile and calendula for extra moisture and scent. The spray version is great to sanitise items like your desk and your phone, while the liquid version is great to keep hands bacteria-free.


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EO Botanical Hand Sanitiser Gel in French Lavender

The EO Botanical Hand Sanitiser Gel in French Lavender is one of the pricier options on this list but it’s definitely well worth the cost. The alcohol sourced for the product is from non-GMO sugar cane, and contains ingredients like vegetable glycerin and jojoba seed oil to leave your hands silky smooth after use. It also uses lavender oil as its main anti-bacterial proponent. Unlike other brands who use synthetic fragrances, the lavender oil used comes directly from farms in France and Bulgaria, which gives the product and amazing, natural scent.


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Leonica K Hand Sanitiser

We have to admit, on the first pump, the Leonica K Hand Sanitiser had a smell that brought us immediately back to the scene of a hospital. However, when the product had dried off, the offensive scent completely disappeared, leaving behind a trail of calming eucalyptus in its place. The 30-millilitre bottle comes in a sleek white bottle, great for busy bees on-the-go.

7 luxurious hand-sanitisers that keep you bacteria-free

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