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How to show someone you love them this Vday (despite Coronavirus)

Love may be your best medicine.

As cheesy as it sounds, love or even self-love can be your best medicine. This powerful force not only makes you feel warm and fuzzy, but can also be a real healing force by showing someone you really care.

With the World Health Organisation declaring the Coronavirus a global health emergency, it is definitely cause for concern, and it is important to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Whilst we aren’t doctors, here, we’ve outlined a few ways you you can do so, and thus really show someone you care for them.

Can love cure Coronavirus? Scientifically, probably not. But these little gestures and practical measures can surely help you keep calm. It’s the new way of saying “I love you” this Valentine’s Day.

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Instead of perfume, gift them a hand sanitiser

Between the skytrain, the Grab, or the street and your destination, you may come across some unavoidable and unwanted bacteria. Whilst nothing beats washing your hands with soap, hand sanitiser can certainly do the job on-the-go. It’s mandatory.

Un-mask your love

Whether it’s the PM 2.5 or the Coronavirus in the air that’s creating all the chaos, breathing healthy air has become our priority. And for this, regular masks won’t do the job or help in any way. One of the most advanced masks, Airinum, has been designed to keep you healthy in an urban city like Bangkok. Luckily, it also doesn’t make you feel suffocated, like many do. The sleek design offers optimal comfort ensuring that you feel secure at all times. This cutting-edge filter technology is the best gift you could give someone.

And don’t forget your furry friend…

Remember: we breathe the same air. Get your little ones a mask too. The K9 Mask is one of the world’s first air pollution mask especially designed with an advanced air filter system for dogs.

Breakfast in Bed

Wake up a little earlier and make bae his or her favourite breakfast. Whilst eggs Benedict and bacon may sound tempting, it’s best to avoid processed food, meat, or eggs — just to be on the safer side. Go for a delectable oatmeal pancake or scrambled tofu with avocado toast. It’s a good time to try out going green, and go vegan.


Wearable air purifiers are the new jewellery gifts

An Airvida acts more like an invisible mask that removes all the negative ions around you. How? The Airvida L1 effectively eliminates airborne particles by creating 2 million negative ions per second that would attach to these particles, and force them to fall to the ground. Wearing a mask indoor might not always look so pleasant, so an air purifier is definitely a more snazzy and sleek gadget that looks fashionable, and also does the work.

Vitamin C

Sometimes inadequate intake of certain micronutrients can lead to immune deficiency, and that makes our body more prone to catching any sort of virus. Give your immune system some citrus-y love, be it by taking vitamins or by eating more fruit. Coronavirus will hopefully have nothing on you.

How to show someone you love them this Vday (despite Coronavirus)

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