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lululemon’s annual global wellbeing report reveals a “wellbeing dilemma” in 2023

The fitness brand lululemon released its third annual Global Wellbeing Report, revealing the “wellbeing dilemma.”

Although many know lululemon for its high-quality and exceptional activewear, the popular sportswear retailer has also been conducting wellness studies. Since 2021, the brand has been working on an annual Global Wellbeing Report. The core purpose of this research is to empower individuals to reach their highest selves in terms of their mental and physical state. As this year marks lululemon’s third report, their latest study shows the troubling paradox of the “wellbeing dilemma.”

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lululemon’s annual Global Wellbeing Report: the “wellbeing dilemma”

Between May to June 2023, lululemon gathered information through Edelman Data and Intelligence, where the results indicated a troubling paradox. With over 14,000 respondents across 14 markets, the “wellbeing dilemma” was discovered. Now, despite research concluded that more people are putting their wellbeing as a top priority, the global state of wellbeing has remained stagnant. Why was this the result? Why can’t 90% of those in the APAC region achieve their desired wellbeing state? The answer is in this “wellbeing dilemma.” Just because people prioritise their mental and physical health doesn’t mean it will improve. 

Why is the wellbeing dilemma happening?

Despite Covid-19 affecting numerous individuals’ wellbeing, a post-epidemic morale has not been boosted. Although we have moved on from the pandemic, some groups continue to experience the negative effects of poor wellbeing, as certain barriers are difficult to overcome. For instance, the study discovered that 42% feel the need to pretend to be happy due to societal pressures. Meanwhile, in the Asia-Pacific region, one in three people do not have enough time to even think about their wellbeing.

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However, the groups that face the most extreme impact of low wellbeing are men and Gen-Z. Unfortunately, there has always been a societal norm for men to not express their feelings openly. This has lead to 47% of men in APAC to struggle with mental health issues as they feel unable to speak out. On the other hand, Gen-Zers may appear to be open about their feelings but often suffer in silence, pretending everything is okay. That is why 74% of Gen-Z individuals believe that it is crucial for society to be more open about discussing mental health.

Ways to improve one’s wellbeing

The report has discovered methods to enhance mental health by studying individuals with higher wellbeing. These methods include exercising with others whenever possible, spending more time with loved ones, and working on expressing all sorts of emotions. With over half of the high wellbeing respondents mentioning that they are actively attempting to communicate a full range of emotions, this must be a significant factor in improving one’s state of mind. 

lululemon’s “Find Your Wellbeing” campaign

With lululemon committed to breaking the stigma and tackling wellbeing challenges, the brand will launch a new campaign. This October, across all regions, get ready to “Find Your Wellbeing.” The campaign will start in Seoul, Korea, featuring a holistic event with celebrities, athletes, psychologists and lululemon ambassadors. Other events, like community sweat sessions and interactive pop-ups, will also be held in countries like Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.

lululemon’s annual global wellbeing report reveals a “wellbeing dilemma” in 2023

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