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So ‘skateboard Pilates’ is a thing that TikTok people do now

When we say ‘TikTok people,” we mean it in the most derogatory way possible. Their next venture: Pilates but with skateboards.

Developed by German physical trainer Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a method of exercise that improves posture, balance, and flexibility. Many people choose pilates as a way to lose belly fat, but it’s also great for physical health as well as maintaining weight.

Still, Pilates is not cheap. It requires a machine specifically built for Pilates, which to many, means a gym membership, and to some, it also means having to hire an instructor specifically for it. After all, getting into something can require a lot of guidance, and you get better results when you know you’re doing it correctly.

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Skateboard Pilates is a thing that TikTok people do now

Pilates can be a very expensive way to exercise. Recently, TikTok user @yaykatie uploaded a video of herself doing Pilates, but with a skateboard in lieu of a machine. The aim is to be able to exercise Pilates in a more cost-friendly way. Even though getting a skateboard is not the cheapest thing in the world, Pilates classes (or even getting the machine for yourself) are certainly much more expensive. A top-shelf, full-scale pilates machine can set you back THB 100,000.


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But as anything we see trending on TikTok, we must take a step back and look at how doable it really is. Even though the moves are certainly the same as your usual Pilates, many people on TikTok—certainly a moment of growth—questioned if the trend is safe to really perform at home.

There are things you can prepare in order to be safer, such as grippy socks, seeing if flooring materials have the right resistance, and an already-existing amount of core strength to not injure yourself. Still, it doesn’t ensure safety, as one might look at the video and worry about the skateboard destabilising—something very easy to occur.

Also, ab wheels exist.

So ‘skateboard Pilates’ is a thing that TikTok people do now

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