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Why the Gen Z trend of being ‘delulu’ could be the ‘solulu’ to better living

Is living the delulu life the way to go?

We’ve all heard of manifestation, a technique where people think positively to achieve their goals or desires. But have you heard of being delulu? ‘Delulu’ has been all over social media, especially on TikTok. It is a slang term that many Gen-Zs have been using as an abbreviation for the term “delusional.” 

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Why the millennial trend of being ‘delulu’ could be the ‘solulu’ to better living

Image Credit: Legally Blonde / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc

Where did being delulu originate from?

Although delulu has been popping up all around social media, the word actually goes all the way back to 2014, when it was coined by the K-pop fan communities, explicitly referring to delusional fan behaviours. For instance, believing you’ll end up with your idol is an example of being delulu. However, nowadays, individuals use the slang term to describe someone with unrealistic beliefs and fantasies in general.

Why being delulu can help you better your mindset and get ahead in life and career

Being unrealistic or overly idealistic when it comes to dreaming about a good life for yourself isn’t bad. It just means you have radical self-confidence, which can help get you that dream situation. Tricking yourself into thinking you’re qualified, even if you are not, shows self-confidence and can make others believe in you. Isn’t that great? It’s all about positive affirmations and thinking, which are critical to happiness.

As TikToker Hannah Chan says, “Every self-made person practises a special kind of delusion, where in their heads they’ve already made up their minds that they’re successful. And the reality just catches up later.” Chan also added she started to get rid of her bad habits, left her job to move to India, and invested in a business mentor. Despite Chan not genuinely knowing what her future holds, she just did it. And with her abundance mindset, her reality came true. Call her delulu?


How to be delulu 

Remember, being delulu only works when paired with action. So, to start, slowly brainwash yourself into thinking positively. For example, if you want to be that rich girl, you must first believe it enough to tap into your brain. Yes, thinking realistically is safe, but what good has come from that? Realistic thinking only puts you in the same position. It keeps you in a box. So, shoot for the stars. You see yourself in a mansion, retired by 30? Think about what you must do to get to that point, then embody it. It’s not about being what you desire now, but if you think you are something, then it will come. Look at Elle Woods. Although she’s a fictional character, everybody thought that girl was delusional. But ultimately, her delulu was the solulu to her entrance to Harvard and great success. 

Why the Gen Z trend of being ‘delulu’ could be the ‘solulu’ to better living

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