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4 horror movies you should watch at the cinema this Halloween

No matter how much you love turning into a full-blown couch potato watching Netflix at home, there are days when you’ll want to splurge on the plush soft seats of a luxurious cinema and watch that movie you’ve been waiting for.

If you happen to be a moviegoer who’s also a horror film buff – and in the spirit of Halloween – we’ve curated a list of scary movies coming to cinemas this October. Ready to get an adrenaline rush only horror movies can yield? Scroll down through our list and pick your favourite for your next movie night out.

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A modern reimagining of the Italian horror classic, Suspiria is a story of an American-born ballet dancer, Suzy Bannion who travels across the ocean to Germany for the world-renowned dance company to fulfil her dazzling dream. However, the harbinger of horror stings her from the minute she arrives. Turns out what’s nudging her the most ain’t the spiteful classmates but some terrifying spirits. Led by the star-studded Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Lutz Ebersdorf and Chloe Grace Moretz, you already know it won’t disappoint.

Down a Dark Hall

Blackwood Boarding School is not only a place for troubled girls; what is unknown is that the school is also part of a satanic cult. In order to be trained in social graces, a hot-tempered teen by the name of Kit Gordy is sent to a private school where she meets other turbulent youths and the square headmistress Madame Duret. The plot thickens when Kit and her schoolfellows wander through the campus’s mysterious corridors only to find themselves unknowingly involved in the school’s macabre tale and some paranormal activity.

Our House

As cliche as it sounds, the haunted house theme is still very much a thing as far as horror movies go. Losing his parents in a car accident, a young geek by the name of Ethan unexpectedly turns into a guardian of his two younger siblings. Missing his parents, Ethan invents a device to connect with the lost souls of his parents. The plot twists when the gadget wakes up the unwelcoming house spirit instead of those of his parents. When success turns into failure, how can the three disconnect from the spooky phantom and instead unleash the spirits of their loved ones?

Halloween 2018

Based on the first Halloween that was a major hit back in 1978, the story of a white-masked murderer is making a comeback this October 2018. Having killed his very own sister, a six-year-old Michael Myers is institutionalised for 15 years straight. But before the court date arrives years later, Michael is able to pull off the break and reappear uncannily in his hometown, Haddonfield, Illinois, looking for the next prey to kill. Though the Halloween franchise has surpassed being a trilogy — with Halloween 2 (1981), Halloween: 20 Years Later (1998), Halloween: Resurrection (2002) — none of these has ever beaten the original. In celebrating Halloween this month, horror movie buffs can judge whether this movie will beat the first one or not.

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