There’s no denying that Instagram has turned the universe we share into a you-centred universe, or you-niverse. The social media platform has become a space where anyone and everyone can weave together stories circled around their lives and their individual interests, all through a few swipes of the smartphone.

While the photo-based media platform is peachy for showcasing one’s identity, as for us ladies, the overwhelming demand in following the modern day beauty standards of a women — think Kylie Jenner or the Kardashian’s beauty trends – can sometimes tire us out completely. So in order to boost up your confidence, we’ve curated a list of our favourite Thai female artists and illustrators who empower women on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for a female idol for a confidence boost or just want some fun-filled feminist art to look at, these artworks and Insta-feeds will be a form of eye candy to give you some daily inspiration and spark an inner monologue to maybe challenge society’s gender norms.