Whilst every day should be a celebration of womanhood, we’re all down to embrace International Women’s Day on 8 March this year.

Women’s Day emerged in the early 1900s and luckily, we’ve been through quite a progressive century. The 21st century is brining lots of stirring movements, even though there’s no denying we still have a long way to go in regards to women’s rights and respect.

Interestingly, with the rise of social media in recent years, there’s been a rise in stimulating creatives not only dealing with the subject, but also being living examples of what it means to be a woman in 2020. Instagram is a treasure trove for artistry, really, and here we’ve curated a list of 5 empowering Thai artists who have left us spellbound. 

In celebration of the big day this upcoming Sunday, here’s a shoutout to some of the most inspiring Thai female artists that you can follow on Instagram. Meanwhile, also appreciate and honour all the inspiring women you surround yourself with.

[Hero and  Featured image credit via Jeep Kongdechakul/Facebook]

Pamda Bure

Known for her international fashion works and her experience in foreign countries, Pamda Bure’s work involves limited edition illustrations that are intended to feel inclusive. The multi-talented personality loves to draw inspiration from many facets of culture, and enjoys using clean lines and colours  in her work. The peripatetic Bangkok-based illustrator continues to inspire us with her thought-provoking artworks that are bold and adventurous, just like personality. If you fancy reading the language of art, then Pamda’s Instagram is a treat for your soul.

Phaan a.k.a. Juli Baker and Summer

Chanaradee Chatrakul Na Ayudhya also known as “Phaan” is a young artist making and breaking her way through the industry with her vibrant charm. Given that she is a cinema-geek, she felt the name “Juli Baker and Summer” perfectly matched her arts and craft label and her playful vibe. Phaan’s child-like sense of wonder and quirkiness is reflected in her artwork, which is strikingly colourful and vibrant, and also portrays the little things to appreciate in life. Phaan got her big break when she was commissioned to design the cover art for local indie band “Stay at Home”, and since then there’s been no stopping. After all, the sky’s the limit. Follow Phaan on Instagram to sprinkle your day-breaks with a splurge of summery hues.

Jeep Kongdechakul

An avid illustrator and designer, Jeep Kongdechakul is a fashionable artist who flaunts her charismatic style through printmaking, illustration, and fabric design. She has a knack for pop culture elements that can often be seen in her artworks. Meticulously crafted with tiny scribbled notes, Jeep’s sketches and patterns solidify everything that she captures in whimsical colours. We recently saw her exhibition at the Haus of Everything during Bangkok Design Week 2020 and can’t wait for more gigs. If you’re all about bold illustrations and adore one-of-a-kind designs, get a daily dose of her feed by following her on Instagram.

Pang Torsuwan

An extremely chic and elegant Bangkok-based artist, Pang Torsuwan is a surrealism art fan, devoted to curating print designs and a proud owner of a fashion accessories brand. Pang’s art oozes femininity and fashion inspired by women’s stories. Gorgeous and exotically beautiful, Pang’s work speaks of self-love, empowerment, and acceptance. Last month, we saw her exhibition ‘HER LOVE’ displaying the phenomenon of love through “HERspective,” and it was truly empowering. Pang’s Instagram feed is an expression of self-care and a source of enlightenment in many ways.


I.peach.you.a.lot’s Instagram takes us down an artful journey of iconic movies and old-school fashion with a creative take on pop culture. Sometimes cheeky and sometimes comical, her artwork involves diverse illustrations that keep you hanging for more. Scroll down her Instagram feed to see your favourite characters, and afterward, you might want to go on an all-time favourite female-dominated movie marathon. Why not?

Happy International Women’s Day, stay creative. 

Alisha Pawa
Alisha is a passionate dancer and is always creating her own choreographies. She is a fan of rom-com novels, a coffee-drinker who loves tea, and is always on-the-go for her midnight chocolate cravings. She hopes to tick-off her never-ending bucket list one day by hosting her own travel show.