If you’re anything like us — the urge to know what your favourite celeb cooks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is as exciting as asking your mum “what’s for dinner?”

When a bunch of star-studded celebrities gear themselves towards the art of cooking, making their blue apron game strong and releasing a cornucopia of cookbooks, we know all fans will go nuts as we do for a peek into the collection of their dear recipes.

What distinguishes these celebrity cookbooks from typical food recipe-laden ones is actually the style of the book itself: a part memoir and part literal lifestyle of the celebrity read. It’s an interesting and frankly smart way to sell their stories — since TV screens only showcase a small fraction of their lives.

And truth be told, food is one of the best tools to connect with both people and places. And while the recipes are great, the main reason why we part with our money is that these celebrity stories give us a glimpse into their lifestyle and reflect their unique tastes, not just in fashion, but of their fine palate.

And let’s be honest, there’s something particularly alluring about switching from chowing down our usual meals to trying the same garlic-soy ribs Chrissy Teigen serves her daughter. So without further ado, we’ve curated a list of celebrity cookbooks that are as cool to look at as they are to cook from.

Feature image credit: Instagramhero image credit: Unsplash/Dale Gray