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Spraycation: Art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok this December

Whether it’s to celebrate the changing of the seasons or to honour the environment itself, here are 5 art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok this December.

Bangkok has witnessed exponential growth in the art scene in the last few years. Whether it is art galleries, talented artists, or art connoisseurs – the metropolis has observed an escalated interest in all aspects. This has led to a plethora of art exhibitions popping up across the capital city. Be in the know of what’s hot and happening in the art scene with our monthly column. Here are five art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok this December.

[Hero and Featured Image Credit: Art Jeeno via River City Bangkok]

5 Bangkok art exhibitions to visit this December 2022

‘Marco Evaristti Retrospective’ by Marco Evaristti

Image credit: West Eden

Marco Evaristti is a Chilean artist who is best known for his controversial approach to art. In this exhibition by West Eden, the prime highlights of his creations are gathered, including ‘Pink State’ and several other environmentally related projects. The proceeds from this exhibition will be funded to his next expedition in Nepal, where he plans to collect discarded garbage on the route to the Everest summit and create sculptures out of them.

‘Marco Evaristti Retrospective’ is on show at West Eden until January 18, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Undercurrents’ by Camilla Engström

Image credit: Over the Influence

Her first-ever show in Bangkok, Camilla Engström is a Swedish-born artist whose works serve mostly as her autobiographical depictions. ‘Undercurrents’ features 16 paintings that capture the transformation beneath the earth’s surface and the human bodies in the times of perceived stillness. Through humour, surrealistic landscapes, and figurative expression, her works usually exhibit distinct themes, among the ‘season’ — vivid and cheerful in the summer and hibernated in the winter.

‘Undercurrents’ is on show at Over the Influence Bangkok until January 6, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Nomadic Ecologies’ by Arahmaiani

Image credit: Warin Lab Contemporary

‘Nomadic Ecologies,’ comprised of a residency and an exhibition, is developed by Indonesian artist and activist Arahmaiani. As an expansion of her two past series, ‘Flag Project’ and ‘Memory of Nature,’ ‘Nomadic Ecologies’ revolves around two main concepts only, which are community collaboration and environmental sustainability. While ‘Flag Project’ was initiated in Pattani province, the ‘Memory of Nature’ is being created on-site at Warin Lab Contemporary, inviting audiences to reflect on the long-running power of nature.

‘Nomadic Ecologies’ is on show at Warin Lab Contemporary until January 14, 2023. Find out more via the website.

‘Treasure of Memories: 19th Century Photographs of Siam’ by Athada Khoman and Weerawit Futrakul

Image credit: River City Bangkok

Travel back in time through a comprehensive collection of photographs from the reigns of King Rama IV and V with over 60 century-old photographs from Thailand’s best known antique collectors, Athada Khoman and Weerawit Futrakul. The photos, taken by the royal photographers of the Siamese court, are definitely a must-see for history lovers.

‘Treasure of Memories: 19th Century Photographs of Siam’ is on show at the RCB Photographers’ Gallery 1, River City Bangkok until December 20, 2022. Find out more via the website.

‘When Snowflakes Fall’

Image credit: River City Bangkok

‘When Snowflakes Fall’ shows various interpretations of winter receives through four different artists: Zito Hsu, FAHFAHS, Art Jeeno, and Riety. Whether it’s a child-like rendition from Hsu, an uplifting pastel from FAHFAHS, a wondrous story from Riety, or the unique linework from Art Jeeno, these multi-dimensional interpretations of snow will attempt to warm your heart this festive season.

‘When Snowflakes Fall’ is on show at RCB Photographers’ Gallery 2, River City Bangkok until January 5, 2023. Find out more via the website.

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Spraycation: Art exhibitions to check out in Bangkok this December

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