No matter how much you love curling up on a couch with your favourite films at home, there are some experiences you can only get within the four walls of a cinema. But let’s be honest: not all cinemas are created equally, and some are nicer than others. Fortunately, many movie theatres in Bangkok now offer exclusive screening rooms where you can enjoy the latest films in privacy, with plush box seats to boot. The luxurious settings are sure to keep you thrilled throughout the entire film with their first-class offerings — think a dazzling lounge, free-flowing popcorn, and fresh beverages. Whether you’re a moviegoer looking for the ultimate cinematic experience or a couple looking to splurge on a special occasion, consider our list of Bangkok’s most luxurious cinemas below for your next movie night out.

Featured image credit: Emprive Cineclub; Hero image credit: Unsplash/Kilyan Sockalingum