There’s something beautifully romantic about a handwritten note.

As our daily lives and routines have drastically changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been turning to creative forms of self-expression to cope. And whilst TikTok is a whole other story we won’t begin to get in to today, luxury pen, watches, and leather goods brand Montblanc has unveiled a really interesting initiative — especially if you’re a fan of the said romantic handwritten note.

[All images courtesy of Montblanc]

A meaningful and personal way to connect to others, the Maison has launched an #InspireWriting campaign, inviting people to express themselves through writing in all forms. There’s a daily writing challenge set by a selection of Montblack Mark Makers, who have made their ‘mark’ in original, inspiring, and creative ways.

As Montblanc Executive Vice President Markting Vincent Montalescot explains, “at Montblanc, we believe there is such a thing as ‘Handwriting Happiness’, the joy of so many people are finding from capturing their thoughts and emotions in writing. With this initiative, we are encouraging them to reap the benefits of putting pen to paper and share the pleasure with others.”

We’re yet to find out what the different challenges set will contain, but if you’re anything like us and a bit of a writing buff, we’re sure there’s plenty to inspire.

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